The Latest in Lashes: January Favorites

Posted by Vanessa Huete on 01 February, 2024

The Latest in Lashes: January Favorites

Whenever you ask a Lashifiend (avid Lashify user), what their favorite lashes or products are, it's almost impossible to answer! That’s why we are just going to choose 3 of our favorite products for the month of January! That’s right… Ask me next month and we’ll have a new set of favorites! 


This month we’ll focus on the new I-Line™ Shorty Gossamer® lashes, the beautiful Tulip Gossamer® lashes in the color Minx, and my favorite sealer, Water Poof™.


January Favorites




The launch of the I-Line™ Gossamer® lash was such a huge success that people asked for more. More sizes! The collection was expanded to a shorty version to accommodate smaller eyes or those with less spacing between their lash line and brows. The I-Line™ Gossamer® lash collection shook everyone, including the Pro Beauty Community. Pre-mapped lashes that can achieve an eyeliner look in minutes… are you kidding me?! Can Lashify get any better!


I-Line™ Gossamer® Lash


To learn more about the I-Line™ Gossamer® lash check out our Blog with all the details.




The Tulip™ Gossamer® lash launch was another amazing lash design that was added to the roster. Tulip™ is what I like to call a “statement lash”. It's not natural and it's not an over-the-top volume. It's a beautiful lash creation that makes a statement when you walk in a room. The fiber pattern mimics the petals of the tulip flower. It features multiple fiber lengths with a criss-cross pattern that creates a stunning hybrid look. The Tulip collection includes two lashes with different fiber thicknesses - Tulip has thinner fibers, and Tulip Thick has thinner fibers. The latest addition to this collection is the color Minx, a cool-toned brown, which allows for a more subtle look.


Tulip Gossamer® Lash


To learn more about the Tulip Gossamer® Lash Collection check out our blog with all the details. 




When Waterproof™ sealant hit the scene, it made a tremendous impact! This sealant became a game changer for many, and allowed many more to experience longer wear - especially for those like me, that struggle with a lot of moisture (watery eyes, side sleeping, eye drops, oily lids, etc.). Definitely an all time favorite! Water Poof™ has the following features: 


  • Penetrates the bond to seal from within 
  • Has a matte finish
  • Highly water-resistant
  • Can be applied right after application


Water Poof™ 

To learn more about our Water Poof™ Sealant check out our blog with all the details.


What are your favorites that you can’t live without? Join the Lashify Life Facebook Group and share your favs!

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