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Much more than just an award-winning brand, Lashify is known for its disruption and innovation— holding over 600+ patents and trademarks worldwide. As the inventors of the Underlash Technology™, and the worlds first and only DIY lash extension system, we make complex beauty applications simple. At our core is transparency, truth in advertising, creating superior products that empower our clients, while making the impossible possible. As disruptors we continue to disrupt not only the beauty industry, but the corporate model.

When we launched in 2017-2018 we created a brand new market in the beauty business that did not exist previously. "DIY Lash Extensions." We invent and design our own lashes, tools, adhesives, and systems etc. and we’ve created a language around lashes… Fuse™, Spine™, Bonding, Sealing, Lash Cleavage®…. the sizing structure… All of this is created by Lashify for Lashify.


Think it. Make it.

our founder

Inventor of the DIY Lash™, Sahara Lotti

Humble, brilliant and hilarious. These are the three most commonly used adjectives to describe our founder. In a world where CEO’s are faceless, nameless even, Sahara is synonymous with Lashify and the DNA is intertwined. Lotti is unabashed and unapologetic, just like the system she created. Before Lashify, there was nothing in the market other than human hair strips, extensions, and little tiny clusters. She knew what she wanted. She knew what she needed. And it just didn’t exist. So, she went on to make it. Turns out, the world wanted it just as badly.

The revolutionary Gossamer® lash, Fuse Control® Wand, Whisper Light® and Bondage® bonds, the Gossamer cartridge and Underlash Technology™ were all invented by Lotti. Many even questioned if "one woman" truly invented all this. She did. Each piece was engineered, designed and formulated by Sahara herself. Lucky for us, Lotti sees holes in a marketplace and seeks to fill them via innovation. Lashify is the owner of over 300+ patents worldwide with Lotti named as the sole inventor. Sahara Lotti is currently the leading innovator worldwide when it comes to lash technology.


A Note from Sahara,

When I invented the Lashify system in 2016 there was nothing, absolutely NOTHING in the marketplace except for little tiny clusters that wouldn’t stick with anything other than super glue or those mediocre knotted trios and strip lashes. Previous to Lashify's launch in late 2017 there wasn't a lash in the market that you could apply yourself that actually looked like a lash extension. Not surprising since there was no underlash method to apply these unmade lashes. Bonding, fusing, sealing, stacking -- these are all concepts that I created out of desperation, honestly! There was also no adhesive formulated to be applied on the actual lash with a brush. A multiple clustered PBT lash that was light enough to adhere to the natural lash? Didn't exist. A Spine? Didn't exist!

I honestly didn’t care if they lasted more than 24 hours or if they were reusable or even eco friendly -- my sole focus was on creating this new type of magical lash extension that I could actually apply myself. It took an incredible amount of tenacity I didn't even know I had. I was teaching old dogs new tricks. I even cried when my factory finally figured out how to scale the gossamer lash I created. It was a big deal. I knew it was going to change the whole industry.
We are currently in litigation, you can Google about it to read more. Unfortunately you'll see a lot of copycats out there with deceptive biographies of how they invented "DIY lash extensions", they even copy our words. The beauty business has long stolen from women inventors and women of color. I believe it needs to stop being tolerated. At the end of the day a thief is a thief. We are aggressive about protecting our patents, and putting an end to counterfeits. This is because to be blunt, I worked my a$$ off. I still am. Please know that each of these companies big or small selling "DIY lash extensions" are doing so illegally. I have protected every element of the worlds only DIY lash extension system and their ignorance is no excuse. I believe it's important we protect the real innovators so we can continue to innovate.

Lashify will change your beauty routine. If you can keep them on a full day and look amazing without any damage or an appointment — IT'S A WIN. If you can fill your lash extensions IT’S A WIN. The system is flexible. My hope is that people see Lashify for what it is… an option we simply never had.

Our mission

for the love
of dogs

Protecting our furry companions is more than just a mission, it’s our purpose and ethos. Lashify was born of the need to bring a product to market that was wanted and needed. We knew if we could create this market and own the IP, not only could we change the lives of lash lovers everywhere, but we could be able to fund research needed to protect our animals. We believe in doing right by those who don’t have a voice. That’s why Lashify is actively involved in helping all dog breeds, English Bulldogs in particular, through charitable contributions, funding of research, and in partnership with our friends at Road Dogs & Rescue and Bobzilla.org

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