Frosting™ Method Disposable Brush
Frosting™ Method Disposable Brush

Frosting™ Method Disposable Brush

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LIFE-PROOF YOUR LASHES. If you struggle with longevity, the Frosting™ Method will change your life. Now you can shower, sleep, and cry your face off without losing your lashes.


Flocked tip, single-use, disposable micro wands for the Frosting™ Method. 

100 CT in a resealable mylar pouch.

COLOR: Black

How To

Brush Whisper Light® Black through the natural lash—be sure to coat every lash. Allow time for the bond to get tacky. Dab Whisper Light® Clear 1-2mm from the waterline. Frost the lashes from the base toward the tips by spreading the bond upwards with a Micro Wand. Apply your favorite Gossamer® lash map and fuse with a Fuse Control® Wand. Use a Wandom® Pair on your Fuse Control Wand to avoid any stickiness.

Tips & Tricks

Learn the Lashify Official Bonding Method. Frost your Whisper Light™ with the NEW Micro Wand.