Goodbye, Eyeliner. Hello, I-Line™ Lash

Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 10 October, 2023

Goodbye, Eyeliner. Hello, I-Line™ Lash

Meet Lashify’s newest innovation in lash technology, the I-Line™ Gossamer® lash. What can’t this company create? The I-Line lash is in a class all its own. This brand new lash achieves an eyeliner effect with their patented Gossamer lashes. This is the first product launch that provides pre-mapped Gossamer lashes in the cartridge. Also, check out this chrome cartridge - so gorgeous right?

I-Line™️ Lash


Think 90’s super model glam. The fiber thickness is similar to the Amplify, Curl, and Plushy Gossamer lash styles. The curl is extremely relaxed, similar to the Amplify and Plushy Tame Gossamer lashes. I-Line comes in the lengths of 8-12mm, in odd and even lengths, pre-mapped with a specific, distinct angled pattern.


From inner to outer corner it reads 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 12mm.

Fiber colors - Traditional Black

It's suitable for any eye shape. This lash is about giving a very specific effect.
Before and After

I-Line Lash Lengths


Spines and Longevity

The I-Line lash has a flat spine, which is perfect for overlapping and providing a seamless finish to the overall look. With its patented technology, the spine of the Gossamer lash is undetectable, lightweight, comfortable and seamless. When fusing your newly applied lash map, the spines form together, offering not only a sensational lash map, but great longevity. This flat, seamless Spine base™ makes wearing this style for days super easy.


I-Line details

Lash maps and Stacking

When applying this Gossamer lash, we recommend that you apply either from inner to outer corner or outer to inner corner, going gradually up or down in mm length so that the angle of the Gossamer lashes lines up. You can wear them by themselves or you can get a second cartridge and stack for a fuller, thicker, smokey liner look.

Lash Maps:

3 ways to wear I-Line

Check out Pro Educator, Geri as she teaches you how to perfectly apply this amazing lash and how to wear the I-Line lash 3 ways.

How to Apply I-Line:


3 Ways to Wear I-Line:

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