Introducing: Water Poof™️ Lash Sealer

Posted by Vanessa Quinteros on 25 August, 2023

Introducing: Water Poof™️ Lash Sealer

Lashify has always been at the forefront of lash innovation. When Lashify first launched the Control Kit®, the sealer that was included was Control Wax, a great wax-based sealer with multiple uses. It can remove stickiness, can be used on the Fuse Control™ Wand for a non-stick fuse, shape/define brows, prime lower lashes, and control fly-aways! 


Although it was a great product, Sahara, CEO and Inventor of Lashify, is always looking to improve, innovate, and create new products. Shortly after, she launched Glass Finishing Coat. Glass extends and refreshes the wear of your Gossamer® lashes. This glossy finishing coat can be used over Whisper Light® bond to remove any residual stickiness. The macro tip applicator allows for ample coverage.


On August 9th, 2023 Lashify launched its newest innovation: Water Poof™ Sealer. When Glass launched in 2019 there was nothing else like it on the market, and that still holds true!! This new sealant is just as amazing. With new ingredients and features, it provides a new option to clients. One of the main features is that the product penetrates the bond and works with it to extend wear time. 

Glass Sealant vs Water Poof™ Sealer


You may ask yourself, what is the difference between the two sealants? Is one better than the other? Here is the breakdown: 

Glass vs Water Poof™️


  • Both Glass and Water Poof™ are water resistant, and are great for removing any stickiness.
  • Glass has a glossy finish and consistency, while Water Poof™ has a watery consistency and matte finish.
  • Glass acts like a "varnish" creating a coat that sits on top of the lash to protect and repel moisture, while Water Poof™ gets absorbed, penetrates the bond, and seals from within.
  • Application of Water Poof™ is similar to Glass. Apply Water Poof™ sealant by gliding the tip of the applicator along the base of the lash line after lash application and fusing. Just like Glass, a little goes a long way.


So now there is another product option when it comes to sealing. If you like more of a matte finish, and want to experiment with longer wear, try the new Water Poof™ Sealant!  Want to hear what others are saying? Join the Lashify Life group on Facebook to see what everyone is saying about the newest Lashify sealant. 


Try out Water Poof™ now to experience the newest innovation in Lashify! 

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