Flush by Lashify Labs, Lashify's First Makeup Product

Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 23 February, 2024

Flush by Lashify Labs, Lashify's First Makeup Product

Meet Flush

I’ve been hearing a lot about how this season, less is more. Fun, fresh, natural glam with pops or hints of color. Fresh to soft-matte complexions and beautiful highlights for that perfect skin glow. Introducing the newest innovation from the Lashify Labs, Flush. The first facial cosmetic product from Lashify Labs is a pH-reactive gel formula that reveals a unique shade that’s all your own. Flush was created to give you that inner glow. Think of a natural, sun-kissed glow. Here at Lashify we are all about the no makeup, makeup look. All you need is groomed brows, sweet cheeks, fabulous lashes, and you’re ready to take on anything!


Product details:
Available in a Universal Rosy Shade
Scent: Soft Vanilla
Vegan and Cruelty Free
$38 USD
Made in Italy

What is a pH-reactive gel? 

Flush is specifically formulated to react to the natural pH levels in our skin. This will bring out the most natural glow. Flush will provide a soft hint of color. It is not meant to be bold, but rather bring out your natural tones in your cheeks. It will leave you looking fresh and awake.

Literally “pH” stands for “Power of Hydrogen”, which is a measurement of the body's hydrogen concentration. When we talk about balance we are referring to the alkalinity/acidity in our blood. -Miami Center of Excellence

How to Apply

The key to Flush is to apply directly onto the skin. It's an easy and effortless way to enhance your beauty. Press and softly swipe the stick onto the apples of the cheeks to distribute the product in an even swiping motion.

Next, blend with your fingers upwards, toward your temples. Using your fingers will warm up and activate the product. Allow the product to develop with your skin’s natural pH for a few seconds or up to a minute and you’re good to go. If more color is desired, layer more product by repeating the steps above.

Pro Tips

Flush is a buildable product. It can be applied on bare skin or over your foundation, depending on the level of intensity you are looking for. For deeper skin tones you may need to apply multiple layers to achieve your desired look.

It can be applied as a base to blush, or layered over blush. If you prefer a more intense shade of blush, apply Flush over your favorite blush to add a beautiful glow. It’s the perfect “peachy” cherry on top for your natural glam.

You may experience longer wear when you apply Flush over your everyday makeup routine. Follow your traditional application steps for foundation, blush, powder but less product may be used if combined with others. For oily skin, or to achieve longer wear, set with translucent powder. For dry skin, try setting with a hydrating setting spray to keep a nice, healthy glow.

Learn more

Learn how to apply the Lashify Labs Flush pH jelly stick from Pro Educator, GeriLyn.



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