Tulip & Tulip Thick: Lashify's Newest Lash Styles

Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 24 May, 2023

Tulip & Tulip Thick: Lashify's Newest Lash Styles

We’re here to bring you another amazing addition to your lash wardrobe! Introducing our newest innovation, Tulip™ and Tulip Thick™. From the brilliant mind of Lashify™ inventor, Sahara Lotti, comes two new styles to add to your arsenal of lashes. You now have 20 styles of lashes to choose from to create your own custom maps!

“I designed the Tulip and Tulip Thick lashes after obsessing over the 
concept. Once again we bring you the first lash of its kind. They are a 
wispy volume lash, which is a difficult and a seemingly contradictory 
thing to accomplish. It’s natural but kinda unruly. Plus, the base is flat 
like our Plus+ lashes so you’ll notice insane longevity." -Sahara Lotti


The fiber pattern on these lashes mimics the petals of the tulip flower. They feature multiple fiber lengths, with a criss-cross pattern. This creates a fun, hybrid look, very similar to the Stardust™ and Starburst™ lashes, minus the peak in the center.
 Tulip & Tulip Thick Lash Fiber Comparison

Tulip & Tulip Thick Comparison
Tulip has a similar spine and fibers to our B Plus+ Gossamer® lash, and Tulip Thick is similar to the D Plus+ Gossamer® lash. If the B+ lash and the Stardust lash had a baby, you’d get Tulip, minus the point in the center. And if the D+ lash and the Starburst lash had a baby, you’d get Tulip thick, also without the center point. For a wispy, light mascara look, try out the Tulip lash, and for a bolder look, go with Tulip Thick!

Gossamer® Lash Comparison
Just like our Gemini™ lash, the fibers on Tulip and Tulip Thick can be manipulated to create more piecey looks or feathery looks.

Regular application vs. flared fibers
Both styles are available in the following lengths: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm, 16mm, and 18mm, which will give you the ability to mix, match, stack, and combine with any other lash style to unlock a new level of lash customization.

Tulip Length Guide

Tulip Thick Length Guide

Shop the Tulip Collection here! We can’t wait to see your Tulip looks! Join the Lashify Life Facebook group to check out inspo from the community, and post your own lovely creations!

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