Lashify 2023 Recap, A Year in Review

Posted by Vanessa Quinteros on 04 January, 2024

Lashify 2023 Recap, A Year in Review

Lashify was launched in 2018. Since then Lashify has continued to innovate, expand, and just have fun! As a matter of fact, so much happens, that if you blink you might just miss it! So in case you did, allow us to recap 2023 here at Lashify.


Sahara Lotti the creator and owner of Lashify, is always innovating and improving her creations. And she didn’t disappoint in 2023! 

FEBRUARY 2023 - D Plus+ Gossamer® Lash

D+ Gossamer® Lash

The Drama Plus+ Gossamer® lash is attention-grabbing with thicker 2-ply fibers, and a super strong curl. Our signature cross-weave makes this style extra volumizing, creating more of an impact. The name says it all! The D+ is durable yet extremely comfortable. The curl is pretty strong, giving a beautiful lift to any lash look. It’s long-lasting like the Core Plus+ Collection™ we know and love, but not as delicate. It has the same fiber count and thickness as the traditional D Gossamer® lash but with a thinner, flatter spine. This makes the base undetectable, and provides amazing longevity.

Learn more about the Drama Plus+ Gossamer Lash

MAY 2023 - Tulip Launch

Tulip Thick Gossamer® Lashes

Sahara designed the Tulip and Tulip Thick Gossamer® lashes after obsessing over the 
concept. Once again we brought you the first lash of its kind. They are a wispy volume lash, which is a difficult and seemingly contradictory thing to accomplish. It’s natural but kinda unruly. Plus, the base is flat like our Plus+ lashes so you’ll notice insane longevity.

Learn more about the Tulip Collection

JUNE/SEPTEMBER 2023 - Ombré Collection 

Ombré Gossamer® Lashes

Color has always been part of the Gossamer® lash roster. From the Prismatic color 
collection that includes Gossamer lashes in bold color, to the Intimates color collection, that provides natural hues to enhance the lashes you are born with. Now the latest innovation in the color collection is Ombré! Providing a beautiful, yet subtle pop of color. It all started this summer when a limited edition Fluffy Gossamer® lash was launched in Blue Ombré. The reaction was instant! The Lashifiends loved it and demanded more. And Sahara delivered! In September the Core Collection was launched in Ombré colors: Blue, Green, and Violet.

Learn more about the Ombre Collection 

AUGUST 2023 - Water Poof™ Launch

Water Poof™ Sealer

On August 9th, 2023 Lashify launched its newest innovation: Water Poof™ Sealer. When Glass sealant launched in 2019 there was nothing else like it on the market, and that still holds true!! And now this new sealant is just as amazing. With new ingredients and features, it provides a new option to clients. One of the main features is that the product penetrates to combine with the bond and extend wear time. 

Learn more about Water Poof™

OCTOBER 2023 - I-Line Launch

I-Line™ Gossamer® Lashes

In October, Sahara launched I-Line™ - the first of its kind! This lash has a unique patent-pending design, with an advanced pattern, designed to elongate the eye with a distinctive angled appearance. It is the first lash designed to create a makeup look, and the first product in the new collection of Pre-Mapped Gossamer lashes. They are designed specifically for the right and left eyes, with the cartridge labeled, and are placed in descending order for the Eyeliner Effect™. 

Learn more about the I-Line™ Gossamer® Lash

OCTOBER 2023 - Cherry STAX™ Launch

Cherry STAX™ Gossamer® Lashes

The first style launched in the Stax™ Collection is the Cherry Stax™ Gossamer® Lash. The Cherry Stax™ lash has a pointed pattern that will add gorgeous, pointy, wispy accents to your lash look. The flat, patented Spine® base features undetectable comfort with perfect precision. This lash is named after a “cherry” due to the distinct curved point, reminiscent of a cherry stem.

Learn more about Cherry Stax™ Gossamer® Lash 

DECEMBER 2023 - E² Launch

E² Gossamer® Lashes

Our E Gossamer lash got an upgrade to nano-scale ridged filaments, engineered for advanced interlocking adhesion!  Our Extreme Square Gossamer® Lash has GripTex Technology™. This is the beginning of a new Square Collection with GripTex™ technology, a revolutionary, patent-pending textured base, which is exclusive to Lashify,.  This is the latest technology from our Lashify Labs. The new spine base has nano-scale ridged filaments, engineered to interlock with the natural lash and promote better adhesion. Therefore, the Square collection will provide long wear and can be placed directly above the waterline! This also allows for maximum comfort and longer wear time.

Shop Extreme² Gossamer® Lash

AUGUST 2023 - Re-Launch of LashifyPro


The LashifyPro program was revamped. This program is exclusively designed for the beauty professional wanting to take their artistry to the next level, benefitting pros and clients alike. Lashify’s Pro program is more than just a simple discount for professionals. The goal is to educate beauty professionals on the latest lash technology, allow them to incorporate Lashify into their business, providing incremental revenue and to spread the Lashify gospel! (Lashify.Pro)

Learn more about Lashify Pro 

MARCH 2023 - AI Virtual Calibrator

A-Eye Virtual Calibrator

Lashify has teamed up with technology that uses the latest advances in 3D AI and graphics to create accurate 3D model faces. This technology was originally developed during the pandemic to make custom fitted 3D printed N95 face masks for healthcare workers. Now, this technology can be used by trend-setting beauty brands like Lashify to help provide the perfect custom lash maps for you! The length and style you choose mainly depends on lid space, and your personal style and preference. The eye shape calibrator will provide your full size range and the average length that is the most flattering for your eye shape. 

Check out the Virtual Eye Shape Calibrator


MAY - Cannes Film Festival

Lashify in Cannes

Lashify also made an appearance for the Cannes Film Festival in France! Top makeup artists from all over the world visited the Lashify Villa in Cannes to experience all things Lashify while enjoying a well deserved retreat!

JULY - Lashify Las Vegas Event

Lashify Las Vegas Event 2023

Sahara loves hanging out with her clients on a live and in Lashify Life on Facebook. It’s not the same as hanging out in person, so she hosted a party! Where… Vegas of course! She arranged for Dita Von Teese, one of her good friends, to be part of the big bash! Many Lashifiends had the opportunity to meet these two queens in the flesh, along with other Lashify staff. What’s next? The Lashify cruise?!

SEPTEMBER - Black Beauty Awards 

Lashify at New York Fashion Week

Lashify was the lead sponsor of the Black Beauty Roster. BBR is an incredible initiative that brings diversity into the industry through education and advocacy. It’s a roster for makeup/hair/editorial professionals that have the skills to work with all textures of skin and hair. This is important!!!! Many do not have the skills and it’s not fun at all when your MUA or hair person has no idea what to do with you. BBR is long overdue in the industry and is a beautiful solution. Those that have the skills will be put on the list, and studios/brands can use that list to book these individuals for their projects and events. For those that would like to learn the skills — BBR is also the solution.

SEPTEMBER - New York Fashion Week 

Lashify at New York Fashion Week

The new I-Line Gossamer Lash made its debut at New York Fashion Week this year. The inspiration for Sixdo SS24 NYFW was 90’s supermodel. The I-Line’s cat eye effect was brilliantly suited to the designer and makeup artist's vision. Truly genius! 

These are just a few of the main events at Lashify this year!! Everyday we experience amazing experiences with our staff and clients alike. Join the Lashify Life community on Facebook to stay in the know and keep up with all things Lashify!

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