LashifyPro®: Lash Certification for Professionals

Posted by Vanessa Quinteros on 17 November, 2023

LashifyPro®: Lash Certification for Professionals

LashifyPro® has arrived! This lash certification program is exclusively designed for the beauty professional who wants to take their artistry to the next level, and it benefits pros and clients alike. Let’s break down what the program is and does.


What is LashifyPro®?


Lashify’s Pro program is more than just a simple discount for professionals. The goal is to educate beauty professionals on the latest lash technology, allow them to incorporate Lashify into their business by providing incremental revenue, and to spread the Lashify gospel! 


What LashifyPro® Means to the Beauty Professional 


Lashify is a whole new way of doing lashes, and offers the latest innovation in lash technology, holding over 300 patents. The most successful beauty professionals dedicate time to invest in their craft and stay up to date with the latest in the world of beauty. For years, there had been no innovation in the world of lashes, and now it's here! This means that because Lashify is so different from anything else out there, it requires education. Even to the most talented and experienced beauty professional, Lashify is new, from the Fuse Control®, the bonds, to the Gossamer® lashes themselves. Lashify is the first company to market underlash placement. This requires a new method of application, client positioning, and marketing.


Education, therefore, is a huge part of Lashify’s DNA. We have created a curriculum that walks our pros through all they need to know, from how the brand was born, a detailed breakdown of product, eye shapes and lash mapping, application techniques, how to incorporate Lashify into your business, and more! All of this elevates your artistry and skill level. You can get started with the initial course, get certified, and begin using your 40% discount, then you have the opportunity to take the advanced course and earn a 50% discount on all products!


LashifyPro® Courses 



Why You Should Become a Certified LashifyPro®


Becoming a Certified LashifyPro® is a “no brainer”. Certification will elevate your artistry to the next level, get you a storewide discount on all Lashify products, many perks, and incremental business! 


LashifyPro® Perks: 


  • Up 50% off all LashifyPro® Products  
  • Free Shipping on all orders
  • Advanced Courses
  • LashifyPro® Directory 
  • LashifyPro® Certification Badge for your website
  • LashifyPro® Certificate
  • LashifyPro® only Newsletters
  • LashifyPro® Community 
  • Lashify Social Media Features
  • Resource Hub: marketing tools & materials 

Why Become a Certified LashifyPro®?

What does this mean for Lashify clients?


Many Lashify clients often ask if there is someone in their area that can apply Lashify on them, or teach them in person. Well, now clients can search to see if there is a Certified Lashify Professional in their area using the LashifyPro® Directory! You can search by state, zip code, and address.


LashifyPro® Directory 

You may ask yourself, if Lashify is a DIY system, why would one go to a professional if they can do it themselves? Although Lashify is a DIY system, there are many reasons why some prefer to go to a beauty professional instead.


  • Some of us would rather just get pampered and get pro service! Let’s be real, this day in age, we can all do our own nails, blowouts, lash lifts and more. However, I will pay money and still go get a blowout professionally done and a pampering mani-pedi! Why not?!?

  • Although most people pick up Lashify pretty quickly, some have a bit of a learning curve. Although we offer tons of education on our website through videos, posts, video 1:1 sessions, etc., some people would rather have an in-person 1:1 lesson with a professional. Some pros even offer group lessons!

  • Here at Lashify, we have our team of Educators (many of them beauty professionals as well), and the virtual AI calibrator to provide personalized help. However, some may prefer this personalized assistance from an in-person session with a pro. After a consultation or lash application, beauty professionals can offer added advice around makeup application, eye shaping, and more. 


When you choose a Certified LashifyPro®, you are choosing the best! Why? Because a Certified LashifyPro® is a working beauty professional (Cosmetologist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist, etc.) that has taken a course with us and passed a certification process. This means that they have had in-depth training about Lashify, know how to properly apply and educate on the system. These are pros that have invested in keeping up with the latest in beauty, and, specifically, lash technology, meaning they are committed to offering their clients the best!


Our LashifyPro® program just recently launched and is growing quickly. So if you can’t find a Certified LashifyPro® near you, check back regularly as new pros get added every week! Also let your favorite beauty professionals in your area know they can become LashifyPro® certified. 


I’m a Beauty Professional, how do I join LashifyPro®?


  1. Go to our website,, and buy our e-course for $350.
  2. Submit your credentials for review.
  3. After we review your credentials, we will enroll you into our e-course. The e-course is quick and requires you to complete 12 lessons, 1 quiz, and 1 video submission of you applying Lashify to someone else.
  4. After we review your credentials you will receive $250 redeemable in our LashifyPro® Shop (so, technically, you are purchasing the e-course for $100!!). You can use this to buy a Starter Kit if you don't have any product to use for your video submission at the end of the e-course, or hold on to it for after you become certified, and use it in conjunction with your new discount!
  5. Take the e-course, complete your video submission and unlock all the exciting PRO PERKS!!!

LashifyPro® Perks

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