New Lash Style: Oh, the Drama!

Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 07 February, 2023

New Lash Style: Oh, the Drama!
I must admit, I am very excited for the launch of this new Lashify Gossamer® lash. The Lashify Library is expanding once again and elevating its oh-so-beloved D- Drama Volume Gossamer® lash into a Volume Plus+ Collection™ lash. This is truly a one-of-a-kind hybrid lash bringing together longevity, comfort, and volume in one.

Drama Gossamer® Lash

D-Drama Gossamer® Lashes


I have always loved the D-Drama lash style. It's a perfect starter lash for those transitioning from wearing Core Collection™ Gossamer® lashes to something with a little more glam.


“The Drama Gossamer® is attention-grabbing with thicker 2-ply fibers, and a super strong curl. Our signature cross-weave makes this style extra volumizing - creating more of an impact. The name says it all.”


Available in lengths from 10-18mm

Traditional Black fiber color

Cruelty-free and vegan

100% Premium Korean PBT Silk

 Drama Gossamer® Lash 16mm

What makes the Plus+ Collection™ different?


The lashes in the Plus+ Collection™ were designed to be a long-lasting lash. When worn for an entire week (or more!), they naturally fall off or disintegrate from the natural lash line due to normal wear and tear. These were not designed for reuse. When you fuse your lashes, the bond built at the base of your natural lash and the Pluses will all become one. The thin, flat spine literally melts and forms with your lashes for the most seamless wear of any Lashify Gossamer® lash.

D+ Drama Plus Gossamer® Lashes


Now what makes the D+ lashes so different from the original D lash style? The D+ is durable yet extremely comfortable. The curl is pretty strong; giving a beautiful lift to any lash look. It’s long lasting like the Core Plus+ Collection™ we know and love, but not as delicate. It has the same fiber count and thickness as the traditional D Gossamer® lash but with a thinner, flatter spine. This makes the base undetectable, and provides amazing longevity.


Pairs well with 




All of these Gossamer® lash choices have a beautiful curl and similar fiber thickness/style to best compliment the overall look and feel of the D+.


Lash Styles, Bold, Curl, Gemini

Suggested Maps 

D+ Wing

D+ Wing Lash Map


D+ Open Eye
D+ Open Eye Lash Map

Try our new D+ Gossamer® lashes as a fun, lifted wing or as an open doll that boasts a beautiful curl.

Discover the new D+ Gossamer® lash now!

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