Introducing: The Cherry Stax™️ Gossamer Lash

Posted by Jill Medicis on 25 October, 2023

Introducing: The Cherry Stax™️ Gossamer Lash

Are you ready to get your Stax™ on? Introducing the Stax™ Collection. This brand new collection consists of lash styles that are designed to be “stacked” onto your lashes, allowing you to customize your look and take things to the next level. 
Still don’t get it? Picture yourself wearing your favorite everyday basic tee, paired with your favorite jeans…you love it for everyday but it just needs a little something more……what do you do? Add your favorite jewelry of course! Think of your everyday lash map as your basic outfit, and using the Stax™ lashes to accessorize!! 
The first style launched in the Stax™ Collection is the Cherry Stax™ Gossamer® Lash. The Cherry Stax™ lash has a pointed pattern that will add gorgeous, pointy, wispy accents to your lash look. The flat, patented Spine® base features undetectable comfort with perfect precision. This lash is named after a “cherry” due to the distinct curved point, reminiscent of a cherry stem.

Cherry STAX™ Gossamer Lashes
How to Apply Cherry Stax™ Gossamer® Lashes

  1. Be sure to Fuse® your base layer prior to applying the Stax™ Gossamer® lashes.Fuse base layer
  2. Apply a small amount of bond over your base layer where you want to place the Stax™ Gossamer® lash & allow it to get tacky. Feel free to apply the bond right on the spine or apply it a little further up to create even more length!Apply bond
  3. Apply the Spine base of the Stax™ Gossamer® lash where you placed the bond.Apply Cherry lash
  4. Fuse® to secure the Cherry Stax™ Gossamer® lash in place.Fuse the stacking lash.


        If you know how to stack, then applying Cherry will be a breeze. If you have more questions about stacking check out our blog about Stacking 101.
        Here are some tips for applying your Cherry Stax™:

        Application tips
        Application tips

        Check out this video to learn EVEN more about application with Cherry Stax™ from our Pro Educator, GeriLyn.


        Cherry is a revolutionary, brand new lash style that will be the Cherry On Top when stacking over your everyday lash map! Be the center of attention everywhere you go when you wear these jaw-dropping lashes. What Stax™ styles do you think will be next?!


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