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Considering doing lash extensions yourself? You need a few tools to get started. 

At Lashify®, we make it super easy to get eyelash extensions without ever visiting your lash professional. Our best-selling Gossamer® lashes come in protective cartridges (no lash trays allowed) and easily give you the lash looks you want, from classic lashes to mega volume. 

Some of our best sellers include the Control Kit™, which includes all the lash supplies you’ll need to get started with the Lashify system and be your own lash artist. You’ll also find the Fuse Control Wand is a solution for applying your Gossamer lashes without tweezers. 

Instead of lash glue, we use Bonds, which are safer for your natural lashes and help with lash retention. Aftercare is essential with any type of lash extension, which is why our sealers and aftercare products help you keep your Gossamer lashes attached for as long as possible. 

Many of our products work overtime, like Pre Cleanse, our lash cleanser that also works as a facial cleanser. Our Gossamer lashes are also cruelty-free and made from 100% Korean PBT silk. 

You’ll get two sets of Gossamer lashes when you add the Control Kit to your first order and all the eyelash extension supplies you need to apply them. The best lashes without mascara are at Lashify.

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