Are There Fake Eyelashes That Stay On for Weeks?

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 December, 2022

Are There Fake Eyelashes That Stay On for Weeks?

Let’s face it. Makeup can be a lot. Most of you beauty gurus and makeup enthusiasts (we’re not just talking about the ones who are snagging every new palette the day it drops or attending the new storefront opening of a Sephora) are probably finding themselves caught in the daily beat.

With each morning, you’re rising to greet your makeup collection and going full glam, natural glow, or perhaps even your classic “naked” skin look. You’re well acquainted with the time and energy it takes to achieve your finished face each day and what it takes to remove it all at the end. 

One of the biggest players in the game of makeup is your lashes. Even a good pair of temporary lashes are still just that: temporary. They have to be taken off before anything else at the end of the day and then put back on in the morning. With each new set you purchase, you have to perfectly fit them to your eye, bending and stretching in pursuit of the most natural look possible, and even then it can take up to a few precious wears to get there.

Temporary lashes have their benefits, sure, but as with anything in the makeup world, lashes have evolved and improved over the years, and now the options available to you are vast. One of those options is for a semi-permanent lash you could learn to apply right from your own home for a fraction of the salon cost. 

News to you? Well, you’re in luck because below, we’ve got some info that might just change the game forever.

Temporary vs. Semi-Permanent

There are two main types of lashes in the makeup world today. There are a few more ways to apply them, but for today, let’s just get familiar with those two options. 

Temporary lashes are the kind most people just setting foot in the lash lane will start off using. You can find temporary lashes for an affordable price and a cap on about 15 uses. In the grand scheme of things, two weeks of wear might sound doable until you hear of another option.

Semi-permanent lashes are available — seriously. You could have them applied professionally by a lash tech for a bigger cost, or you could go the at-home route and use the lashes we provide here at Lashify®. With a few tweaks to the way lashes are applied, we’ve achieved a wildly affordable, long-wear lash that you can do yourself.

With our semi-permanent lashes, you’ll apply Gossamer® lashes to the underside of your lashes with a lot of the same techniques you use to apply mascara. If you can do that with no issue, you’ll have the hang of applying Gossamers in no time at all. 

Temporary lashes are applied by cutting them length-wise to fit your unique eye shape and then applying a temporary lash glue to the one-piece lash band. These lashes are put on as one cohesive fake lash and removed the same way. The lash glue isn’t particularly strong, and you’ll be able to remove the lashes when you’re done wearing them — they might even come off before you’re done wearing them. 

Semi-permanent lashes, however, make use of a more intense lash bond that seals in the fake lashes against your natural lash line. You can sleep, shower, and live in these lashes whether your face is fully beat or not. No more worrying about daily maintenance. 

Bonded for Life

How can lashes stay on and stay strong for so long, you may ask? The science behind it is simple, safe, and effective. Lashify lashes can remain applied for over a week with minimal upkeep required. 

As far as the lash application goes, semi-permanent lash glue is comprised of different ingredients than a temporary glue would (namely, cyanoacrylate adhesive). You may find this ingredient active in other strong adhesives such as Super Glue or Krazy Glue, but don’t fret. 

Lashify lash glue is comprised of acrylates, water, biotin, oils, and in some cases, charcoal powder. With ingredients like these, tried and tested, there’s nothing holding you back from experiencing a safe and successful lash enchantment.

Lashes Safety Seminar

We mentioned above about the upkeep of your semi-permanent lashes. We know: upkeep? Isn’t the point of these lashes so you don’t have to do anything once they’re on? 

Honestly, a valid rebuttal. However, as with anything good, caring for that thing is another part of the process. We promise proper upkeep on these lashes is minimal, easy, and something anyone — a newbie or a lash veteran — can do. 

Here are a few of our tips and tricks for the longevity and quality of your lash application:

  • Practice! Practicing your application process at least three times before you commit to your first full set could mean the difference between a lasting or lacking lash.
  • Don’t get them wet. For the first 24 hours after your lashes go on, avoid water at all costs. This could break down the lash bond you’ve worked hard to achieve.
  • Don’t touch your lashes. Constantly touching your lashes could compromise the lash bond and affect your lash's longevity.
  • Clean them. Take a clean cotton swab coated in our Lashify Pre-Cleanse solution and run it along your lashes and lash line to remove any buildup of dirt or debris. 
  • Remove them properly! This is vital to your eye and lashes health. Make use of an oil-based remover like our Release Lash Formula and brush it through your lashes like you would mascara until your Gossamers loosen and pull away. Use our Melt Away product to soak your lashes against a cotton round. This will loosen the lashes as well.
  • Use the proper tools for touch-ups. If you feel any lifting or separating, make sure your lashes are fully dry before using the Fuse Control Wand to fuse them back for three to five seconds.

You’ll Never Go Back From Semi-Permanent Lashes

We welcome you into the semi-permanent lash family! We’re so happy to have you here, and we hope you decide to stick around for a while. We have so much to show you, and we’d be honored if you chose to sport Lashify lashes for your first steps into the evolved world of makeup.

Makeup, skincare, and all things beauty will always be changing. Ingredients will shift, new methods of application will be invented, and the range of options available to you will be ever-expanding. That’s why we’re grateful to be able to provide you with those innovations today and at every twist and turn in the industry as it comes.

We’re all about the lashes here, but even more than that, we’re about bestowing the knowledge and unlocking the confidence to rock these lashes to you. We can’t wait to see you strut your stuff in this brand-new semi-permanent lash era! 


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