How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

Posted by Bridget Reed on 31 October, 2022

How To Remove Eyelash Extensions

How to remove eyelash extensions can be pretty daunting. Eyelash extensions give you the wide-eyed, effortless glam look you love with zero need for layer after layer of lash-lengthening mascara. When it’s time to take it all off, things get a little tricky. 

Follow along while the team of lash pros at Lashify® spill the tea about lash extensions, what makes them hold, and how to safely remove them from your natural lashes. 

What Are Lash Extensions?

If you’re here because you’re just considering lash extensions and don’t know much about them, we’ve got you covered when it comes to how to apply and how to remove lash extensions. 

Lash extensions are natural or synthetic fibers, either in clusters or in single strands, that are applied to your natural lashes using an adhesive. Lash extensions are usually done in a salon, but they can be incredibly time-consuming and might even harm your natural lashes

Still, nothing beats the look of long, voluminous lashes, and using at-home strip lashes never looks natural or professionally done. That’s why we invented the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System. 

Our system lets you:

  • Apply your lash extensions at home
  • Change your look as often as you want with any of our customizable Gossamers®, available in different lengths, textures, and volumes
  • Control the environment in which your lashes are being applied (i.e., no dirty hands or questionable utensils)
  • Save time (it only takes about ten minutes to apply Gossamers once you are experienced
  • Save money (trips to the salon can cost over $200 for the initial set of lash extensions and usually cost about $50 per fill, which you can expect to get every two to three weeks)
  • Protect your natural lashes. Gossamers are gentle on your lashes, and our bonds are too. 

Using Lashify means you’re in control, and power has never felt so good or been so healthy for your natural lashes!

Bonds vs. Glues

If you’ve ever had salon lashes, you’re probably familiar with the adhesive glues the technician uses to apply artificial lashes to your natural lashes. While you’re sitting in the chair for hours, you might have wondered if that glue is even safe for your eyes. 

Glues and Adhesives

There are some scary ingredients in lash glue used in salons and drugstore lash enhancement kits. 


Do you remember the smell that accompanied dissecting frogs in school? That’s formaldehyde, and it’s probably hiding out in your lash glue. Formaldehyde isn’t usually directly added to glues and adhesives, but the reaction of other chemicals in your glue releases it, and it goes directly on your lashes near your eyes. 

If the thought of embalming fluid in your lash glue isn’t enough to freak you out, consider this: Many people are actually allergic to this ingredient, which means you could end up with swelling, redness, irritation, and even infection around the area where the glue sits. 


Would you ever consider using super glue to attach lash extensions to your natural lashes? We hear your resounding “No!” Unfortunately, most lash glues (both salon-quality drugstore kits) contain this ingredient, which is also found in super glue. 

These ingredients cause lashes to harden and become brittle and can damage natural lashes enough to make them break and fall out (and along with them, your pricey lash extensions).


Allergic to latex? If so, you’ll want to steer clear of most lash glues. Most of them contain latex to help make the glue resistant to water and oil and make your lashes last longer. Think of it like a lash glue preservative. 

At Lashify, we wanted a bond that kept your lashes in place without damaging your natural lashes. That’s why you’ll never find any of the above ingredients in any of our bonds. 

Lashify Bonds

We went further and added nourishing ingredients to our bonds to help support the growth of your natural lashes. 

  • Biotin. Biotin is practically synonymous with hair, skin, and nails. It’s known to support and nourish them. That’s why you’ll find it in every one of our bonds. 
  • Micro-flex™ Technology. Unlike glues, our bonds create a flexible cushion underneath your lash line (where Gossamers® are applied), protecting the roots of your lashes from breakage.
  • Lavandula. This nourishing oil from the lavender plant helps support hair follicles to encourage healthy hair growth. The patented technology in our bonds allowed us to add a nourishing oil to the formula without compromising the strength of the hold. We dare you to find another lash adhesive that can do that party trick.

When you use Lashify bonds, you’re not only getting a super-strong, flexible hold. You’re giving your natural lashes a dose of nourishing ingredients they need to stay strong and remain healthy. 

How To Remove Lash Extensions

Whether you’ve gotten salon lashes you no longer want or are trying to remove your Gossamers, we’ve got some tips and tricks to help you slide them off without pulling your natural lashes out in the process. 

Removing Salon Lash Extensions

We get it. You committed to 17mm ombre lashes while on vacation, and now you’re stuck wondering how to easily remove them so you’re nine-to-five appropriate (without spending your entire weekend and half your budget in a salon chair). 

While it is always best to have your salon lashes removed by a professional, it’s not always possible. Here’s how to safely remove them at home. 

Use an Oil-Based Makeup Remover

The oil in an oil-based makeup remover will help loosen the glue, but depending on the type of glue that was used, it may not be 100% effective. You can try combing the glue through your lashes with a clean spoolie, or you can dampen a cotton pad and hold it over your eye for a few minutes. 

Get Steamy

Steam and hot water aren’t usually friends to your lash extensions, as the heat can break down the glue adhesive. You can take a hot shower to help loosen the bond or place a warm compress over your eye for a few minutes to help break down the glue. 

Lube It Up

Some oils you probably have in your kitchen are known to break down lash glue. Coconut oil, mineral oil, castor oil, and even vegetable oil can break down the glue bonds to your lashes. 

To use this method, dip a clean spoolie in the oil and gently pull it through your lashes. You may want to apply a drop of the oil to your lashes and leave it on overnight. 

What Not To Do

When attempting to remove your lash extensions at home, avoid these mistakes, which can damage your natural lashes.

  • Don’t pick or pull. You’ll inevitably pull your natural lashes out along with the extensions, not to mention it’s really painful. 
  • Use mascara. It may seem like using mascara will help remove the extensions since you technically aren’t supposed to use it on them. Big mistake. This will cause the extensions to become brittle and make it easier for them to break your natural lashes. 
  • Don’t use harsh solvents. When you’re ready for your lashes to come off, you’ll go to any length to get the job done, but make sure those lengths don’t include using ingredients that can be dangerous to your eyes (like alcohol). 

If you can’t get your lash extensions off with the method above, it really is best to seek out professional help. Then switch to the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ System, so you never have to worry about it again. 

How To Remove Gossamers® 

Removing your Gossamers® is easy, fast, and convenient. Best of all, it doesn’t include any harsh chemical ingredients and will never damage your natural lashes when done correctly. 

Melt Them Away

Melt Away Remover is a dual-phase makeup remover that is gentle yet powerfully effective. To use, shake it up, saturate a cotton round and place it over your eye for 30-60 seconds. This gives Melt Away time to break apart the bond. 

Remove the pad, and your Gossamersshould slide right off. Remove excess bond on the natural lash with a clean spoolie dipped in Melt Away or with Release. 

Pro tip: You can also use a clean spoolie to brush Melt Away through your lashes, which should loosen the bond and help them slide off. 

Release Them

For on-the-go, travel, or professional use, Release Lash Remover is the solution. It’s completely portable and so easy to use. Simply pull the plastic applicator through your lashes. The nourishing oil loosens the bond, helping Gossamers slide off while simultaneously hydrating your natural lashes. 

If you don’t have Release or Melt Away, you can use a dual-phase oil-based makeup remover and follow the Melt Away method, but leave the cotton round on your lashes for 60-90 seconds to make sure it has adequate time to release the bond. 

Gossamers Don’ts

Just like salon lashes, there are some tips for keeping your Gossamers safe so you can reuse them and protect your natural lashes. 

  • Don’t use oil-based makeup removers on your Gossamers until you’re ready to remove them. A solution? Lashify’s Black Magic Cleansing Puff naturally removes makeup, dirt, and oil with just water. 
  • Leave your mascara in your makeup bag. Gossamers don’t need mascara, and using it can damage them and your natural lashes. 
  • Hands off. Oils from your fingers can interfere with the bond your Gossamers have on your lashes. Avoid touching them as much as possible. Do any touch-ups with your Fuse Control® Wand.


That’s it. Salon quality lashes that go on in less than 10 minutes and remove even faster. There’s never been a better way to keep your natural lashes safe while getting the voluminous looks you love. 



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