How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last – A Beginner’s Guide

Posted by Bridget Reed on 03 November, 2022

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last – A Beginner’s Guide

\If you’ve scrolled through social media platforms in recent months and noticed a mass of people sporting glam, bold, and movie-esque eyelashes, we’re here to reassure you that they aren’t real. They’ve simply joined the lash revolution and started getting lash extensions. 

Eyelash extensions are a set of faux lash bundles that are applied during a visit to a lash artist or lash technician, or you apply them yourself from your own house. Both will help you achieve that same voluminous, dramatic flair you’re after, but there are some differences in the price, length of application, and type of lashes you’ll be dealing with.

At Lashify®, we strive to create a salon-quality experience that you can have for your very own. It’s on your own time, with your preferred lash styles, and for a fraction of the salon's cost. Who wouldn’t want to make that a part of their beauty routine? 

We realize a lot can go into learning lash application from the ground up, so if you’re a first-timer, don’t worry! We’ve got a comprehensive guide for beginners just like you to learn all things lash. 

Keep reading if you want to discover the secrets to the ultimate lash application, the perfect tools to help you on your way, and all the information you could ever want on what to expect once your lashes are on. Perhaps most importantly, we’ll discuss how long those extensions will last once they’re on your eyes.

If any of that sounds like it’s up your alley, don’t waste one more second. It’s time to dive deep into the wonderful world of getting eyelash extensions. 

Lash Application Is Everything

At Lashify®, we aren’t your average lash extensions brand. We’ve worked tirelessly to create a unique product that allows you all the same end results as professional lash extensions with a wildly affordable array of options and a few tweaks to the usual application process. 

Lashify lash extensions — Gossamers® — are applied using many of the same techniques and ideas used in applying mascara, eyeliner, and other forms of eye makeup. It’s really that simple. A few brushes taken to your natural eyelashes, and boom, you’ve got a new aura about you. Our patented formulas and tested products combine to offer you a one-of-a-kind experience that you won’t find at any store or salon. And you can do it all without ever stepping foot out of your house. 

Now that we’ve got you interested, let’s talk more about this unique application process.

About Our Gossamers

A full set of Gossamers might look and feel like your classic types of eyelash extensions or temporary lashes, but it’s vastly set apart from the standard drugstore variety. Our Gossamers are made of 100% Premium Korean PBT Silk, which is resistant to breakage and creates fuller lashes that would make any stylist proud.

PBT — polybutylene terephthalate — is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic used to make many false eyelashes. When heated, this material becomes malleable and is able to be set to the desired eye shape before it cools. Other common materials for lash manufacturing that you may have come across are faux mink and synthetic fibers.

Using our lash bonds and sealers (which are what we use instead of traditional lash glue), you’ll work to apply our Gossamers to the underside of your natural lashes. You’ll go one individual lash bundle at a time, latching them into place and then sealing them into your lash line. After a few practice attempts, you should be a lash expert in no time. The hardest part is finding the proper tools to help you out and working with them a bit before you jump in with both feet.

Let’s introduce some of those tools for your toolbelt now.

Tools for the Best Lash Application: Everything You Need

Any good tradesman will carry a toolbelt full of the things that make their job not just possible but easy. It shouldn’t be any different for you and your lashes. That’s why we created an assortment of wonderful aids for your journey to the perfect lashes.

The Fuse Control® Wand

The Fuse Control® Wand is a fan favorite among customers and our Lashify team alike. This uniquely designed lash tool allows you to literally “fuse” your falsies into place against your natural lashes. The shape of this tool is ergonomically designed to fit the curvature of your cheekbone, nose, and eyelid, allowing you the ultimate precision in lash application. 

It doubles as a tweezer if that’s also something you’ve been in the market for. Why not kill two birds with one stone and get yourself this incredible, multifunctional little diamond? 


Our patented bond formulas are crafted specifically for Lashify Gossamers. They work effortlessly to get you quick, long-lasting results with minimal aftercare or touch-ups on your part.

To use them, you’ll want to apply the same technique as a mascara wand. Take your bond and apply an even coating to your natural lashes, waiting a moment after application to allow the bond to become slightly tacky. 

Then, taking your chosen Gossamers, you should be able to easily place your lash bundles against your natural lashes and watch as the magic runs its course. In no time at all, your new lashes should begin to take shape, and you’ll never want to go back.


The job isn’t finished yet. To complete your application, you’ll want to make use of our sealers. These formulas are specific to our Gossamers, and they make quick work of finishing up the job. Apply these babies just like another coating of mascara, even and easy, and wait as they dry into finished perfection. 

All Lashify adhesives are comprised of acrylates, water, biotin, oils, and in some cases, charcoal powder, making these formulas safe for your eye area and simple for long-lasting wear. With ingredients like this in your product lineup, you should feel free and clear to lash the day away guilt-free.

How Long Do Eyelash Extensions Last?

Now let’s get down to the nitty-gritty. Even with all the steps for proper application checked off and done to a T, how long should you expect your new lashes to last? Is it worth all the time and effort of applying them if you’ll need refills and fill-ins so soon?

If you’re stepping off of the train from No-Lash City or just arrived in a cab from Temporary-ville, then we have to shout a rousing yes! Our Gossamers can provide extra lash length and volume for up to five days or even an entire week from just one application. This includes little to none of the upkeep that traditional extensions or lash lifts sometimes require, and you won’t need to worry about fixing your lashes or applying eyelash serums every morning when you wake up.

We remember the days of applying and removing a temporary lash band every morning and night, and we don’t ever want to go back to those dark times. Lashify Gossamers provide you with a simple way to keep your glam lashes for almost a week at a time. 

Imagine the bliss you’ll be swimming in when you no longer have to take the extra time every day to wrestle with your lashes. Sometimes they might go on perfectly, and other days they might give you the run around for 20 minutes before you give up in utter defeat. 

Those days will soon be behind you if they aren’t already. With Lashify under your toolbelt and a few practice runs, you’ll be a lash professional before you can say “Gossamer.”

Lashes Forever

We are all about forming a path for you to do it yourself. DIY false lashes and lash extensions are so popular for a reason, and we believe it’s because people really want to be in control of their routines. 

Outside variables can be so hit or miss. Most of the time, especially if you’re new to whatever it may be, you have no way of knowing if what you’re getting is at the right price point, with the right professional, using the right product, or any number of other uncontrollable circumstances. 

Lash titan Lashify’s lash extension system eliminates all of those “what if” moments and puts the power back into your hands directly. We have all the videos, guides, and tips you could ever need to get started with us or keep you going when you’re unsure of the next step. And we don’t just stop at lashes alone. We have a million and one other amenities to offer you should you choose to accept, and we know you’ll love each and every one of them.

We love getting to see you absolutely slay in the products we create, but what we love even more is getting to see you go from zero to hero as you learn to do it all yourself. There is such an incredibly powerful feeling that comes with DIY beauty, and we hope you feel the same after trying Lashify for yourself. 


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