How To Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

Posted by Bridget Reed on 02 November, 2022

How To Take Care of Your Eyelash Extensions

So you’ve decided to tackle the daunting task of exploring semi-permanent eyelashes. Congratulations! The leap into the world of greater lash innovation is a big one.

A lot of steps, tools, fumbles, mistakes, victories, and slow progress can go into learning how to properly apply, care for, and remove semi-permanent lashes. A lot can go wrong along the way simply from a lack of understanding of all the tips, tricks, and necessary methods to have beautiful and healthy lashes. And we aren’t just talking about beautiful and healthy falsies. No, we’re all about keeping that natural lash line hydrated and appreciated with all the products living on or around it.

You’re potentially facing ongoing irritation, allergic reactions to latex or lash adhesive, premature fallout of your Gossamers®, or just a big frustrating mess of an application if you don’t go into your lash journey with the right guides. That’s why we’re one step ahead of you and created the perfect how-to for all things lash care. Lash care is usually the part of lash wear that gets overlooked because you’re so focused on getting the application and removal right, and we don’t blame you!

We’ve compiled all the potential pitfalls of lash wear as well as our recommendations for the most excellent products and exactly how to use them. If any of that sounds like something you're dying to know before you jump in with both feet, get out your pen and paper, and scroll on.

Why Do I Have To Take Care of My Lashes?

You might be sitting there wondering why cleaning your lashes is even something you have to do. You don’t have to clean your natural lashes daily or weekly like this, so why are falsies so different?

This is so important when you start wearing false lashes because if you go into it without a warning, your lashes could end up worse for the wear, and you’ll be left confused and frustrated. To avoid just that, here are a few snafus that you could face should you choose to disregard lash upkeep.

What Could Happen if You Don’t Clean Your Lashes?

  • A decline in lash retention: A buildup of oil, dirt, dead skin, and other impurities around your lashes will result in the breakdown of any adhesive (oil-based removers are effective against adhesive for a reason). Your fake lashes will be falling off before you’ve even had time to enjoy them.

  • The adhesive bond lessens: Sticky things don’t stick to dusty, unclean surfaces. It’s the same with your lash glue. If your lashes, natural or fake, are coated in a buildup of anything foreign or dirty, your lash glue isn’t going to be the strongest it can be. Cleaning your lashes is vital to keeping that adhesive as clingy as your ex.

  • Blepharitis: This is a common enough eye condition even with those who don’t wear falsies. With this condition, your eyelids become puffy, swollen, and red with irritation from a buildup of clogged oil glands along your lash line. It can result in dandruff-like debris crusting over your lashes, making them burn and itch. No fun. 

  • Other infections and long-lasting issues: These occur in more severe cases, so don’t test your luck. Although these are less common, they could still happen if you aren’t careful. We’re talking about serious eye infections, cysts, styes, loss of your natural lashes, and even impaired vision. None of those things sound like a good time to us, so don’t let yourself be caught with a rising issue after it’s too late to stop.

The How-To of Healthy Lashes

Now that we’ve laid the groundwork for you, let’s get to the fun part — the DIY lash care routine! These are all steps and precautions you’ll want to take pretty regularly during the wear of your lashes (we recommend daily) if you want to see the best results and longest-lasting lashes possible. 

Water Is Not the Enemy

Well, sometimes it is — but just for the first 24 hours after application. After applying your Gossamers, you'll want to avoid getting them wet or washing them for a full day to ensure that your lash bond and seal can fully set and latch those Gossamers onto your natural lashes. You don’t want to break down the bond early

After 24 hours, though, you can shower, wash your face, go swimming, or do whatever else your heart desires.

Remove Oil and Other Buildups From Around Your Eyes

As we mentioned, oil interacting with your lashes will quickly loosen the adhesive bond before it’s time. To avoid this happening, you’ll want to take a cotton swab with a cleanser (we recommend our Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water) and gently run it along your lashes and lash line. This will help with lifting and removing those impurities before they have a chance to get worse.

Avoid Clumping by Brushing, Not Touching

Touching your lashes will allow outside oils from your hands to mingle with your lash adhesive, which is a no-no. Instead, tackle any clumping or tangling of your lashes with a clean spoolie or lash brush and gently comb through any snags. Be careful not to brush too hard. 

Fuse Your Lashes When You Feel Any Lifting

On the days when you feel like some of your lashes might be lifting, make sure your falsies are completely dry before using our Fuse Control® Wand to press your lashes back into place for three to five seconds. This will give you back that strong bond between your natural lashes and falsies. 

The Perfect Lash Products

To help you on your way to the perfect lash care routine, let’s get you set up with the best products for the job. 

These are all our unique, tried-and-true Lashify tools that are custom-made specifically for use on our Gossamers. Our formulas are a one-of-a-kind experience, and once you try one for yourself, you’ll wonder why you’d ever use something else. 

Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water

Available in your choice of an 80 or 200ml bottle, this Japanese cleansing water packs all the punch you need for your lash prep and upkeep. This multipurpose cleanser will work to prep your lids for your lashes and gently clean them during wear. It also works as a toner for your face, a makeup remover, and a light exfoliant. It even helps tighten your pores.

Talk about putting in the work! You’ll love the functionality and quality of the Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water, guaranteed. 

Black Magic Cleansing Puff

One thing that can get in the way of keeping your lashes healthy is the build-up of the makeup you’re putting on and taking off daily. Often, that makeup won’t be fully removed in an effort not to disturb your lashes. Our Black Magic Cleansing Puff seeks to eliminate that problem.

Safely and confidently remove your makeup each day with this puff without worrying about disturbing your falsies. All you need to use with the puff is water, making this remover a great method of treating the makeup around your lashes without pounding them with grating products. 

Charcoal Cotton Swabs

Cotton swabs are an excellent tool for using cleanser on your fake lashes. They make for easy and safe access to your natural lash line so you can get up close and personal with whatever cleanser you have to make sure you’re getting a thorough and deep clean. 

These Activated Charcoal Cotton Swabs take clean to the next level with innovative black fibers that are highly absorbent and soft to the skin, making these perfect for lash upkeep. The black fibers also eliminate the classic white fiber fallout of a traditional cotton swab. Kick your lash care routine up a notch with this small luxury addition to your arsenal. 

Long-Lasting Lashes

Simple, right? To recap, you just want to clean your lashes of oils, dirt, and makeup daily, and make sure to give them attention if you experience any lifting, clumping, or fallout. Making sure you’re attending to the first step helps to completely avoid those secondary problems. Just saying.

And now that you know exactly how to care for your lashes and why it’s necessary, there’s nothing holding you back from jumping in with both feet now. Your new set of Gossamers awaits you!


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