10 Benefits of DIY Natural Eyelash Extensions

10 Benefits of DIY natural eyelash extensions

At-home eyelash extensions have tons of benefits. We’ve compiled just 10 of the most universal benefits of DIY lash extensions. 

1. Convenience

What could be more convenient than doing your own lashes in the comfort of your own home? You don’t need to call anyone to make an appointment. You don’t need to physically drive across town to a lash appointment. You don’t need to sit through an appointment with uncomfortable small talk. 

Instead, have your volume lashes shipped directly to your door. You can apply them at your own vanity or bathroom counter. You can set up a subscription with Lashify, so you don’t even have to waste mental energy on remembering to refill your cartridges. 

2. Price

DIY lash extensions are a big investment upfront, but long term, they’re way more cost-effective than strip lashes or individual lashes. Strip lashes are single-use, so you’re basically throwing money away, especially if they’re low-quality lashes to start with. 

Individual lashes from a professional lash tech may last longer, but they’re not reusable, and the lash tech will have to charge you for their time, the lash removal, plus extra to upkeep a professional salon. All of those costs really add up, especially if you’re frequently going. 

If you want to have salon-quality lashes regularly, investing in a high-quality at-home lash extension system like Lashify will help you save money in the long term. 

3. Safety

A high-quality DIY lash extension kit keeps you safe from eye infections and other safety concerns of professionally applied lash extensions and strip lashes. First, the toxic chemicals in many lash adhesives include formaldehyde, cyanoacrylates, and parabens. 

This kind of toxic adhesive may cause all sorts of maladies, from irritation to blindness. Your eyes are sensitive and irreplaceable; don’t mess around by putting dangerous glue near them. Even professional lash technicians can give you eye infections if they’re inexperienced or their tools aren’t sterile. 

You’re far less likely to contract an eye infection by using your tools in your home. Additionally, Whisper Light, Glass Finishing Coat, Control Wax, and all other Lashify products are non-toxic, so they’re free from formaldehyde, cyanoacrylates, and parabens. Safety first! 

4. Highly Customizable

Because you have total control over your lash map and application, DIY extensions are the pinnacle of customizable. Strip lashes are rigid and predetermined, with no personalization whatsoever. 

Lashify’s collections of Gossamers offer a wide range of styles and lengths for you to choose from. So many manufacturers only focus on different lengths or different volumes. We lash artists at Lashify have examined the styles of lashes from every possible angle to bring you the right lash looks for you, no matter your aesthetic. 

Check out some of these Gossamers to see for yourself:

  • For a short, soft, and demure look, check out Plushy Tame in 12mm.
  • For long, wispy, and ethereal lashes, try a Starburst in 18mm. 
  • For maximum Russian volume and assertive length, take a look at Extra Extreme in 16mm. 
  • Pursue violet, red, blue, and more in the Prismatics collection for vibrant, colorful, electric fun at any length. 

That’s just a small sample; there’s an entire volume collection to explore! But just like your wardrobe, it’s not just the pieces you own; it’s how you style them! 

There are endless Gossamer combinations for endless lash maps. Creative freedom can be liberating and intimidating all at once, so we’ve compiled some lash maps that are tried and true to help you get started. 

And speaking of customizable, have you heard about the Glutton kit? It’s the most customizable Lashify kit to date. You get to pick 9 Gossamers, any style, and any length. Plus, the kit comes with all the good stuff you need, like a Fuse Control Wand, Whisper Light, and two different sealers. The Glutton is a crazy good value, just another instance of how cost-effecting DIY lash extensions can be. 

5. Independence 

At Lashify, we believe in the concept of DIFY, which is just like DIY, but it’s Do It FOR Yourself. When you apply a set of Gossamers, you’re not just DIYing lash extensions; you’re doing something FOR yourself. 

You’re getting yourself all of the benefits listed here AND the satisfaction of being your own lash tech. You are a strong independent person who can put their own lashes on one eye at a time. 

When you step outside wearing eyelash extensions applied by your own hands and start hearing those compliments, “Oh my gosh, your lashes look incredible! I can’t believe those are falsies. Who does your lashes?” You get to smile back and say, “Me!”

6. Less Makeup

Sometimes doing your makeup is fun and satisfying; sometimes, it feels like artistic expression, but sometimes it just feels like a hassle. Sometimes doing your makeup in the morning just feels like one more thing you have to do when you’d rather be sleeping in or enjoying a nice quiet coffee. 

Using extensions means a little less time in your makeup pouch since a single application can be worn for up to 10 days with proper care. No mascara or eyeliner is needed anymore. 

And the benefits of avoiding some makeup are even bigger than time-saving. It also has the potential to reduce wrinkles around your eyes over time. 

Eye makeup and makeup removers can introduce complex chemicals, undue irritation, and scrubbing on the delicate skin around your eyes. Over time, these can result in more pronounced wrinkles, so the fewer products you use around your eyes, the better. 

7. Reusable 

You can wear lash extensions for up to 10 days on a single application with proper care and reuse a single Gossamer for months without the lashes losing any quality! If you remove them safely with a dedicated remover, keep the lashes clean by washing them with precleanse, and let them dry completely before storing or reapplying, your lashes will look practically new. 

This is completely unlike strip lashes, which are meant to be used for a single day and aren’t typically designed to be reusable. If you try to reuse them, their quality will quickly degrade. Professionally applied extensions aren’t reusable either; if you see a professional to remove and reapply your lashes, you will almost definitely be charged for a brand-new full set of lashes. 

8. Comfortable 

Beauty is pain? No thanks! Beauty should feel as natural and comfortable as possible. If you’re used to uncomfortable individual lash applications or itchy, heavy strip lashes, you might be super surprised to learn that at-home lash extensions like Gossamers feel like they’re barely there. 

Gossamers are super lightweight, and since Whisper Light is vegan, non-toxic, and full of beneficial ingredients like biotin, it doesn’t itch. Ditch what you thought you knew about the discomfort of beauty: Gossamers are comfortable to wear!

9. Protect your natural lashes

At-home lash extensions are safer than strip lashes because they avoid all the bad stuff and can actively benefit your natural lashes! Healthy, full-looking lashes start with your natural lashes. After all, if you don’t care for your natural lashes, extensions will have nothing to stick to! 

Every Lashify extension tool is here to help protect your natural lashes. Gossamers protect your lashes by being so lightweight they won’t tug your lashes out. Whisper Light protects your lashes with biotin and never cures completely to create a soft cushion on your lashes. 

Melt away remover protects your lashes during removal by making the Gossamers slide right off with no ripping. And the Lashicurl protects your lashes by curling with gentle heat instead of brute force. 

Strip lashes, cheap lash glues, and individual lash application all pose a threat to your natural lashes. Between the chemicals, the weight, and the risk for infection, alternatives to at-home lash extensions just aren’t putting the well-being of your natural lashes first 

10. They Look Amazing!

Now, this might be the most obvious benefit, but it just might be the most important! DIY eyelash extensions look amazing! With a little practice, your at-home extensions look even better than salon lashes. 

Gossamers can look super natural or super glam; just ask the celebs on the red carpet at the Oscars. Gossamers look fantastic with no mascara because they’re made of premium Korean PBT silk. 

They can be curled or straightened with gentle heat from the Lashicurl, not an old-school manual lash curler (which can damage both your Gossamers and your natural lashes!). 

How Can I Get Started? 

After reading about those perks, you’re probably asking how to get started with DIY eyelash extensions. Great news, getting started is super easy. Check out the Control Kit to gather all the tools you need, watch a video tutorial, and read one of our many articles about getting started. We’re excited for you to join our Lashify fam! 


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