Healthy, Comfortable, Versatile Lashes

Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 17 February, 2023

Healthy, Comfortable, Versatile Lashes

by our client: Monika Moreno

Member of Lashify Life since April 5th 2022

Top 3 Favorite products: Dual-Sided Whisper Light Bond, Night Bond Sealer, Wandoms

Favorite Bonding Technique: Stoner Method

Typically wears lashes for: 10+ days if I wanted, but I love the variety so I purposely change them every 7-8 days


Monika Moreno

Healthy. Comfortable. Versatile.

Those are the three most important words I want to share as a Lashifiend since April of 2022. This system was designed with three major factors in my opinion.



Your natural lashes will not get damaged with this DIY system.  My lashes are all intact and healthier than they've ever been. 

healthy natural lashes


This system, once learned, feels so comfortable and almost like they are my own lashes as I forget they are on most of the time. They don't bother me when I sleep or as a contact wearer.

comfortable false lashes


Last but not least, you can go from a soft natural look to a date night...give me all the volume look in less than 30 mins any time you want.

customizable false lashes

Patience is all you need. The genius inventor of this system designed it with a process. Trust the process. Follow the process. Be patient and practice, practice, practice. Rome wasn't built in one day so give yourself time to learn this system because in the end, longevity will be one of the many rewards.

Monika Moreno

Monika M

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