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Top 10 Hacks I Learned in the Lashify Life Facebook Group This Month

Posted by Mack Lotti on 10 September, 2021


Have you joined the Lashify Life Facebook everything DIY lash extension Group? Not only is it full of lively discussion—there’s tons of knowledge to be picked up from its 100,000+ members. The group includes everyone  from newbies to Lashify team members. 

Here, the top 10 hacks we picked up this month while checking out the posts and comments. This whole DIY lash extension thing Lashify created is truly entertaining.


#1 Don’t Touch Your Lashes When Wet

Like, at all. You can cry, wash your face, shampoo your hair, even jump in the pool—just don’t touch your Gossamers when they’re wet and you’re good to go. 


#2 Work Up To Bondage

It’s runny and less forgiving with your placement when you’re first learning the ropes and becoming an expert Lashify user.


#3 Try a Blowdry

There’s Blow, of course, which is supremely helpful during application. But one Lashify Life shared this great tip: Use a blowdryer on low and cool to fuse your lashes.  Alas the secret to the long lasting DIY lash. 

#4 A Quick Tip For A Loose Gossamer

We’ve been known to find a stray Gossamer in our makeup bags. And on the bathroom counter. And on the dresser. You know how it goes. 


One Lashify Lifer even attested to putting her “fallen soldiers” in her bra for safe keeping.  But another Lashify Lifer shared a great tip that’s perfect for when you’re out and about and lose a Gossamer lash. If you lose a gossamer on the go, simply stash it in your earbud case until you get home. You always have it on you and it’ll stay intact until you can put it back in its home on your lash line. 


#5 Highlights Not for Children 

A great tip from a Lashify Lifer: Stack some dark brown Prismatics onto your black Gossamers for some “highlights.” 

So that's it for the Lashify Life secrets. Hands down the most fun lash system on the market or ever created!


#6 Start with a Base Layer

The same commenter said she starts with a base layer of Cs, then fluffs Es and stacks them on top for a longer lasting, softer effect. 


#7 Remove Makeup without Disrupting Your Lashes

Use a Q-tip soaked with just a bit of Precleanse to gently swipe away everything from eyeliner to eyeshadow without getting your Gossamers wet. 


#8 Got New Glue? 

If your glue is new, you want to let it take its time getting tacky—at least 60 seconds. One Lashify Lifer likes to put the glue on the back of her hand and touch it with her nail to see if it’s tacky but without the glue coming off on the nail. The older the glue, the less time this will take, she says. 


#9 Fix Lifting Corners

Try using Lashicurl to warm corner bonds, then re-fuse. Or, lightly tap Bondage on the lash that’s lifting, then fuse once it’s tacky. 

#10 A Hard Sleeper Lashify Tip

Speaking of outer corners that lift, if you’re a stomach or side sleeper, it’s hard to hang onto those outer lashes. One Lashify Lifer recommends skipping application entirely on the outer corners and it’s not noticeable! Try it out and see.

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