The Level 2 Set
The Level 2 Set

The Level 2 Set

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LEVEL UP. The ultimate for longevity and strong hold, our Level 2 Set is ideal for users who are looking to achieve lasting gorgeous results! All in our signature Beauty Clutch.
What's Inside
Bondage™: the answer to long-wear and flexible hold while keeping your lashes healthy and hygienic.Night Line™: the perfect sealer for a strong hold that lasts all...night...long.Control Wax: the multi-tasker used to shape brows, prime lower lashes, control fly-aways, or create a non-stick fuse.Lashicurl™: our heated silicone curler that allows you to heat-fuse and curl Gossamer lashes to your desired result.Precision Lash Comb: our newest dual-sided tool designed for precision lash care.Wandom™ 5 Pack: a Lashify necessity, this accessory provides a cushiony and non-stick fuse.Beauty Clutch: our signature clutch is super-soft, flexible, durable, resilient and ideal for holding all of your Lashify accoutrements... and then some!
Application Techniques
The Frosting Method with Bondage
1. Start with clean and dry lashes by using Pre-Cleanse.
2. Brush or dab Bondage™ on your upper lashes by starting at the base and swiping up (Tip: use a disposable mascara spoolie to clean off any excess bond).
3. Use Blow and allow Bondage to get tacky.
4. Dot a small amount of Clear Whisper Light Bond along the base of your natural lashes.
5. Frost the lashes by spreading the bond upward with a flat-ended brush or flocked wand.
6. Use Blow and allow Whisper Light Bond to get tacky.
7. Dot another light layer of Clear Whisper Light Bond along the base of the lashes, and frost again.
8. Use Blow to allow the bond to become tacky, apply Gossamer® lashes, and fuse.
Bondom Method
1. Apply a light coat of Night Line™ onto the insides of the Wandom™, and fuse.
Tip: Wipe Wandom clean with Melt Away, and to remove oil residue from Wandom, wipe with Pre-Cleanse.
Heat Fuse
1. Turn Lashicurl™ on to 2nd or 3rd heat setting
2. Allow Lashicurl to heat up for about 30 seconds
3. Place Lashicurl at the base of Gossamer lashes and hold for 1-15 seconds to reactivate the bond
4. Use your Fuse Control™ Wand to fuse the spines down (without Wandoms™).