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Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water

$31.00 USD

Charcoal Cotton Swabs (50 Pack)
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Charcoal Cotton Swabs (50 Pack)

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Cleansers and Removers

Putting on your lashes is a task all its own, one that takes time and the right know-how to do properly. But once those lashes are on and working for you in all the right ways, a few other hurdles present themselves for you to jump over: upkeep and removal. 

At a certain point, you’ll have to manage the health of your lashes as well as remove them when they’ve eventually stayed to the end of their welcome. In pursuit of a safe, easy, and painless means of achieving those goals, we’ve compiled a few tried and true products to help you get there. Keep reading below to find one that works for your lash needs.


Melt-Away Remover

In the same way that our Gossamers®, lash adhesives, and bonds are all created with a perfectly unique formula specific to Lashify products, this Melt-Away Remover was created with the same ingredients in mind, making it ideal for safely removing Lashify lashes. 

It comes in two sizes, 80 or 200ml, depending on your preference, and is sure to tackle the daunting task of removing your falsies with ease. This remover is multipurpose, so it will moisturize your delicate skin while it works to strip the lashes away, leaving you with a healthy afterglow. 


Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water

Our Pre-Cleanse Cleansing Water packs a punch with purpose. Offered in the same 80 or 200ml bottles, you can pick your preference with confidence, trusting in another unique and tested Lashify formula. 

This Japanese cleansing water solution is so much more than just water. With the perfect all-in-one prep and cleanse for your lids and lashes, you’ll be feeling ready to tackle any lash challenge. It lightly exfoliates the skin while tightening open pores, leaving you fresh and fixed for perfection.


Release Lash Remover

Now lash removal is easier than ever with the Release Lash Remover. This portable tube of goodness resembles a common mascara and is just as simple to use. Created with camellia and fermented oil, this dissolving bond formula safely loosens your falsies with short, gentle strokes until you’re free and clear.

Your natural lashes will be left feeling nourished and healthy, and you’ll never go back to your previous methods of removal. Anytime, anywhere, the Release Lash Remover is in your corner.


Black Magic Cleansing Puff

If you are looking for the perfect bonus to help you along your way while you’re wearing lashes, the Black Magic Cleansing Puff is the way to go. This unique little puff works like magic to remove makeup, dirt, and oils from the day with nothing but water. And the best part, it won’t disturb a single fiber of your falsies while it works.

It’s gentle to the touch and safe for your skin and lashes alike. What’s not to love? Try one for yourself to see just how easy it can be.