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Now that you’ve discovered how fun and easy Lashify is, the next thing you’ll want to know is how to create the best lash looks! With 18 different styles that come in various hues, you can mix and match your way to create custom Lashify lash maps for every occasion and mood! Keep it super natural and pair it with your go-to no makeup makeup look, or be extra extra and turn up your look for the weekend. You can have it how you want it, when you want it!
Personally, I love having a lash wardrobe. I love being able to throw on simple, easy, no-brainer maps for everyday wear. I love that I can stack whatever I want, whenever I want to completely transform my look or add a hint of drama. I also love that, with Lashify, I can continue to surprise myself with new combinations all the time! Even after 3 years of using this system, discovering a new lash map does not get old!
How do you get started? I’ll walk you through how to start creating your own library of custom lash maps!
First, think about the kind of look you want to go for. Natural? Dramatic? Something in between? Short? Long? Do you prefer a cat eye? Open eye? Fox eye? Are you curious about combining some Gossamer® Lash styles that you have in your lash stash?
Once you’ve decided on a general aesthetic for the lash look you want to create, you can then choose the style or styles you’ll want to work with. In general, to create more natural looks, you’ll want to use a style from the Core Collection™ (Amplify, Bold, Curl), or Gossamer® lashes from the Plus+ Collection™ (A+, B+, C+). These styles contain the least amount of fibers out of all of the Lashify collections!
For more dramatic looks, you can choose one or more styles from our extensive Volume Collection. These styles have more fibers than the Core and Plus+ Collections, some contain thicker fibers, and they feature unique construction, designed to deliver volume and dimension.
There are three main types of simple maps you can create: a wing or cat-eye, an open eye, and a natural lash map. You can use any Lashify Gossamer lash style to achieve any of these looks.

  • With a wing, you use your longest preferred lengths at the outer corners of your eye, and gradually taper to shorter lengths towards the inner corner of your eye.

  • For an open eye, you place the longest lengths at the center of your eye, and taper to shorter lengths towards the inner and outer corners.

  • To create a natural lash map, you place the longest length just under the highest part of your brow. This is usually just off-center, toward the outer corners of the eye. You then taper to shorter lengths towards the inner and outer corners.

Pro Tip: Use a short Core or Core+ style for the inner corners for a more comfortable wear and natural look!
Here are some examples of classic lash mapping: 

Wing, Open Eye, Natural Lash Maps
To add just a hint of drama, you might stack a couple of Gossamer lashes onto one of your classic lash maps, or mix two or more styles together for your look. With the different types of stacking methods, you can create gradients of volume along the eye or even achieve beautiful, multi-dimensional looks. (Check out the Lashify Dictionary to learn more about brick stacking, length stacking, and volume stacking.)

Here is an example of classic map that has been transformed by stacking:

Basic Lash Map, Stacked Lash Map

Once you become comfortable with mixing styles and experimenting with different application and lash mapping techniques, you’ll be ready for some advanced lash mapping! Advanced lash mapping allows you to alter your eye shape and create intricate lash combinations. Here are some of my favorite advanced lash maps:
This map uses the Curl Gossamer Lashes in the colors Ginger, Ash, Minx, and Truffle, and black to create an ombre color scheme. I used the Cs in alternating lengths to keep the look natural but wispy!

Ombre Lash Map
In this lash map, I purposely used styles with thicker fibers, but in various density and construction to create a point of dense volume at the center of the eye, with more sparse, but still bold fibers toward the corners. I also chose styles that would create a very dynamic, spiky, open-eye look.

Spiky Lash Map
For this lash map, I combined Core and Volume styles and really jumped outside the box with the sizes I used to create a super dynamic look. The stark difference in lengths between the inner and outer corners alters the eye shape to make it look more elongated.

Trendy Wing Lash Map
The possibilities are endless! No matter what you choose to do, be fearless and have fun. The Lashify Gossamer lash collection was meant to be mixed, matched, and combined to your heart’s desire. You never know what new lash map you’ll come up with next!

Want more inspiration for your next look? Check out our curated bundles, which feature suggested lash maps for you to try out, and try out our patent-pending Virtual Eye Shape Calibrator to find the best lashes for your personal eye shape!

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