Short Natural Lash Extensions Ideas for Everyday Wear

Short Natural Lash Extensions Ideas for Everyday Wear

Luscious lashes should not just be for special occasions. You deserve to feel gorgeous and confident in your lash game every day of the week. 

But we get it: You wouldn’t wear a ballgown to the office on a random Tuesday (you do you if you want to, though), so you probably also wouldn’t wear extra long, mega-volume eyelash extensions to work either. 

Never fear. You can style DIY lash extensions in a million ways to fit any event and any personal style. Do you want a short natural lash extension look? That’s a very popular choice; we can help you get there! 

To get a short natural look, no matter which style of lash strikes your fancy, there are a few strategic rules you’ll want to follow. First things first, look at your natural lashes and get a sense of their natural length and length variation. 

Are they very short and even all the way across? Are they shorter in some areas than others? A natural look will mimic your natural lashes, so you need to have a clear idea of what you’re going to mimic. 

Next, determine what you’d like to enhance and accentuate. If you’re reading this headline, you’re probably not aiming to enhance your lashes’ length, so perhaps you’re aiming to increase their volume. If you know your lash goals, it will make shopping for extensions much easier. 

Finally, in that same vein, think about your lash style and what ‘everyday’ wear looks like for you. Do you mean literally every single day? If so, a super lightweight lash will be best for your llong-termnatural lash health. 

Or do you mean any day, casual wear? If so, you could go for a denser, thicker lash as long as it aligns with your lash style goals. 

Why Wear Short Extensions? 

Some people, even lash enthusiasts, may question wearing lash extensions at all if you’re not going big or adding length. But we’re here to tell you: you’re valid. 

Wearing lash extensions isn’t just for special events or big dramatic looks. If you wear mascara daily, you might enjoy and even benefit from switching to DIY lash extensions. Just like regular mascara can get you a little extra volume and confidence armor, short lash extensions can do all that — plus look more natural while they do. 

Short lash extensions are great for casual and natural looks. While, of course, “short” is subjective, short extensions are as long as your natural lashes or shorter. Across our collections of Gossamer Lashes, our DIY eyelash extensions, short lashes include lengths of 10mm to 8mm. 

Classic Lash Looks

If you’re after a classic lash look, look no further than the Core Collection. Here, we have all the inspo you need to style a classic lash look, no matter the curl strength or length of your natural lashes. 


Amplify Gossamers have a very loose curl, meaning they’re fairly straight. This lash was literally designed for effortless, daily wear. Styling a natural, classic look with Amplify lashes is easiest for wearers with straight lashes. 

Amplify Gossamers are best for getting a wispy, soft, natural look. They come in nine colors, including black, the natural shades of the Intimates Collection (more on that later), and three fun, Prismatic colors: Royal Kim Blue, Teal, and Violet. If you want a natural look, maybe save the Prismatics for another day, but you should know you have options!


Bold Gossamers are perfect for a look that gives you the same volume as a volumizing mascara but without clumping and smearing. Bold Gossamers have a tight curl, which makes them look slightly shorter than their mm measurement would suggest. 

This makes them perfect for someone going after a shorter lash look. They have a thicker fiber than the other Gossamers in this collection, and they’re perfect to use in building a piecey lash look! 

Bold Gossamers only come in black, so they’ll look most natural on those with naturally dark lashes. Remember, never wear mascara while you wear Gossamers; mascara will damage the delicate lash fibers; you don’t need mascara with the power of Gossamers!


Curl Gossamers are the most popular Gossamer for a reason! Curl Gossamers are versatile like no other. They can be styled in a natural shade for a perfect, classic, natural look. 

They can also be the base layer to support the Volume Collection's big, dramatic, highly-stylized looks. This is all thanks to the doe-eyed gentle curl of the lash. They’re lightweight and delicately fluttery. The Curl Gossamer is an excellent choice to build a natural look for every eye shape and face shape. 

Curls come in the most colors of any Gossamer: Black, all the natural shades of the Intimates Collection, plus all the bright shades of the Prismatics collection. That’s a grand total of 13 shades! 

Natural Lash Looks

When we hear the word natural, we can’t help but think of our Intimates Collection. Our Intimates Collection offers four natural-looking colors. All of these colors are available in the Curl and Amplify styles, including their Plus+ Collection counterparts. These Gossamers come in lengths from 8mm to 14 mm. 


Ash is a natural blend for strawberry blondes. Tinges of purplish red dispersed throughout lighter brown colored lash fibers. They radiate warmth just for you, sunshine.


Minx mimics the natural color of Mink lashes. Lash extensions are cute, but animal cruelty is not. Rather than opt for real mink lashes, try our Minx, made with 100% cruelty-free Korean PBT silk. Minx is a great choice for wearers with naturally, subtly brown lashes. 


If you have naturally red lashes, you are probably sick and tired of not being able to find lashes that are made for you. No more mismatched black extensions for you! Our Ginger Gossamers will help you highlight your uniquely gorgeous lashes! 


Truffle is one of our most popular lash colors! Truffle lashes blend lash colors just like many people’s natural lashes do. Black and shades of brown swirled together like a delicious chocolate caramel truffle. 

Dark Brown

Technically, Dark Brown isn’t in the Intimate Collection, so consider it an honorary number five in this color breakdown. One of our other available colors is a simple Dark Brown, which can be found in the Prismatics Collection. 

This color is excellent for mixing with other lash colors, especially black: combining dark brown and black Gossamers can give you a surprisingly natural color blend! 

Can I Wear Lash Extensions Every Day? 

You can wear Lashify’s DIY lash extensions as often as you wish! One big reason for this is our lash adhesive, Whisper Light. Unlike traditional lash glue, Whisper Light is not bad for your lashes. 

Most other lash glues contain cyanoacrylate and formaldehyde, which contribute to the damage drugstore falsies can do to your lashes. Whisper Light has a non-hardening (non-curing) formula that creates a soft, protective bubble around your lashes. Plus, it contains Biotin to nourish your lashes while you wear it. 

Traditional salon eyelash extensions, aka semi-permanent lash extensions, have a life span of six to eight weeks per set, with infill appointments about every two weeks. In that span, you will have to wear the extensions daily since you can not remove them yourself without damaging your natural lashes. 

Experts do not recommend wearing semi-permanent extensions for months on end with no breaks. By not giving your eyes even a few hours of rest from lash extensions, you increase your risk of infection and the weight of the lashes alone, damaging your natural lashes. So for semi-permanent extensions, the answer is sort of yes and sort of no. 

On the other hand, Gossamers can be worn basically every day. We recommend you give your natural lashes a few days off here and there to recover, but since you can apply and remove them on your schedule in your own home, this becomes super easy. 

When you apply a set of Gossamers, they can last up to 10 days on a single application before you need to remove them. After each removal, you can immediately reapply the same set if you’d like, or you can wait until morning or next week — totally up to you!

Another reason to love Lashify Gossamers? They’re reusable! Salon extensions are single-use, so along with the cost of every appointment, there’s the cost of new lashes. Why spend money that you don’t have to? 

Gossamers can last for dozens of wears because of their durable yet delicate design. For this reason, Gossamers are cost-effective as well as practical. If you want everyday wear, why not go for the extensions that can actually stay with you for every day to come?

Want more style tips? How about personalized lash styling tips from a one-on-one session with Lashify’s stylists? We offer these consultations free for Lashify customers because we totally believe that everyone can become their own lash tech, and we want to help make it happen! 


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