Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 13 April, 2023

Looking for the most natural looking lashes? Our Intimates Plus+ Collection is here for you to show your true colors and combine the best of both worlds - natural hair color fibers with Lashify’s patented technology. Lay bare your inner beauty with these natural hues designed to match your natural lash, so no one can ever tell the difference. This collection combines the technology of the Plus+ Collection Gossamer® Lash fibers and spine with the hues of the Intimates Collection for the most beautiful, barely there, lash map experience.

The Plus+ Collection is an elevated, longer-lasting version of the Core Collection. Think more superior, think finer quality! Over six years in the making, our Founder and CEO, Sahara, finally found a way to scale the production of these lashes to bring them to you and she couldn’t be more excited! They are the lightest style with the thinnest spine, made to melt into your natural lashes for the perfect inner corner lash or even the perfect base layer for increasing longevity and wear time. Because they are even more light weight and delicate than our other lash collections, they’re also the perfect lash for someone with naturally sparse lashes or damaged natural lashes.

The Plus Gossamer® Lashes were designed to be a long-lasting lash. When worn for an entire week (or more!), they are designed to naturally fall off or disintegrate from the natural lash line due to normal wear and tear. The spine of these lashes is so thin that they grip onto the natural lash, however because of this technology, they were not designed for reuse. They are a one time use but with longer wear time. When you fuse your lashes, the bond built at the base of your natural lash and the Plus+ lashes will all become one. The thin, flat spine literally melts and forms with your lashes for the most seamless wear of any Lashify Gossamer® lash.

Fiber Colors

The Intimates Plus+ collection is available in 3 color options: Ash, Minx and Truffle.
The Ash Plus+ Gossamer® lash is a stunning brown with a tinge of purplish red. Perfect for the blondes and strawberry blondes with nothing to hide.

Plus+ Lashes in Ash

The Minx Plus+ Gossamer® lash pays homage to the beautiful hue found in fur of minks, all while being PETA-friendly. Zero animal fur, all Korean PBT, cruelty-free. It is a mix of various shade of brown, making it perfect for brunettes.

Plus+ Lashes in Minx
The Truffle Plus+ Gossamer® lash is a delicious mixture of black and brown, delivering an incomparable look of dimension for brunettes or those with black hair. This fiber color is a step down from our black-fibered Plus+ lashes, providing a slightly softer look.

Plus+ Lashes in Truffle



Since the Intimates Plus+ Gossamer® lashes are designed to mimic the appearance of your natural, naked lashes they are only available in Amplify Plus+ and Curl Plus+.

Our Amplify Plus+ Gossamer® lashes allow for an even more delicate look, with insane longevity. It's so natural it's like your lashes but better! The A+ has the thinnest fiber and has a soft curl. It is great for those with a more hooded lid or to create a tapered wing look with the styles gradually going up in size from the inner to outer corner.

A+ Lashes in Ash

Our Curl Plus+ Gossamer® lash has a strong curl, adding a beautiful lift to the eye with minimal volume. Think of it as a natural lash lift for a beautiful but delicate doll eye. Definitely the most flirtatious lash in the collection!

Curl+ Lashes in Truffle


The Intimates Plus+ Gossamer lashes are available in the lengths of 8-14mm for the most seamless, natural looking lashes.

Available Lash Lengths

C+ in Minx

Lash Maps

Not sure if this collection is for you? Let me change your mind!! Check out these lash maps from our Pro Educators in both a tapered wing and open eye look in all three fiber colors of the new Intimates Plus+ Collection. So gorgeous, you may have to try them all. It’ll be hard to pick just one favorite.


Ash Lash Map



Minx Lash Map



Truffle Lash Map

Ready to bare it all? Click here to shop our brand new Intimates Plus+ Collection Gossamer® Lashes before they are gone!!!

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