Is It Possible To Get Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions?

Is It Possible To Get Natural-Looking Eyelash Extensions?Lashify

We’ve all seen them. The lash extensions gone wrong. The spider-leg-looking lashes that seem too wide for the set of eyes wearing them or so heavy they seem to weigh down the eyelids. 

There’s definitely room for high glam when it comes to lash extensions, but that doesn’t mean they have to look or feel uncomfortable. Even if you’ve had problems with so-called “natural-looking” eyelash extensions, we can help. It is completely possible to have high-glam lashes (or even low-key lashes) that look effortless, natural, and feel lighter than air. 

Together, we’ll cover what makes lashes look unnatural and what you can do to make sure you avoid those lash catastrophes. 

Lash Mishaps

If you’ve been wearing false eyelashes (extensions or at-home versions) for any length of time, you’ve probably had at least one lash mishap. An inner corner that comes loose at the worst possible moment, a set way too heavy for your own lashes and lids, or even a style that just didn’t work. 

Lash “incidents” can happen, but knowing their causes can help you avoid them and ensure your lash enhancements always look natural, feel comfortable, and last as long as possible. Here’s what to avoid when you shop for lashes either at the salon or the store.


You know them as strip lashes. The one-size-fits-no-one band of lashes that adheres with sticky, goopy glue to your lash line. These lashes almost always need to be trimmed to fit the wearer’s eyes, and in some cases, they still won’t fit properly. 

Too Much Volume

When you have salon lash extensions applied, you’ll have the option to get classic lashes, volume lashes, or hybrid lashes. 

  • Classic lashes. These lashes are applied on a 1:1 ratio, which means one eyelash extension will be applied to every natural eyelash. These usually look very natural and can help increase length, but they don’t do much for volume. 
  • Volume lashes. Volume lashes are applied in a varying ratio of several lash fibers to one lash fiber. This means that for every natural eyelash, a lash cluster (several artificial lash extensions bundled together on one single strand) will be applied to your lash. Volume lashes can give you added volume and length, but they can also be heavier on your lash line.
  • Hybrid lashes. Hybrid lashes are a combination of both classic and volume lashes. This means your lash tech will apply some classic lashes and some volume lashes for a more natural, varied effect. 

If it’s volume you want, it’s volume you’ll get, but make sure your lash tech is a professional. There’s a fine line between believable volume and an over-the-top fringe that basically gives you a permanent lid-droop.

Bottom line: You might love the look of Russian doll lashes, but if your natural lashes aren’t able to support that much volume, you’ll end up with a heavy lid, unrealistic volume, and potentially lash damage to your own lashes

Lashes That Are Too Long

One of the main reasons you want lash enhancement is to get lengthier lashes, but if your own natural lashes are extremely short, the lengthiest extensions won’t be a good match. A good rule of thumb is to only choose extensions that are 3mm-5mm longer than your natural lashes. 

Lashify™ makes choosing the correct length easy by offering our Gossamer® lashes in varying lengths so you can fully customize your entire lash line.

Lashes That Just Don’t Fit

Some extensions are made to look ethereal or more anime than anything you’d find in real life. However, the key to successfully wearing these types of lashes is to make sure that you’re getting a set of lashes that fit your eye shape correctly. 

Eye shape matters, and if you aren’t sure what your eye shape is, you can click here for help. Our virtual eye shape calibrator can help you determine your eye shape and the perfect length for your extensions. 

Realistic, natural-looking lashes are easy with the Lashify DIY Lash Extension™ system. We give you everything you need to break up with your lash tech and become your own lash stylist. 

The Lashify Way

Lashify is the solution for getting salon-like, natural-looking lashes at home in a fraction of the time it takes to have salon lashes applied. Our Gossamer lashes, Bonds, and application methods are different from any other at-home lash kit you may have tried.

Our Lashes

Our Gossamer lashes are always cruelty-free and made from 100% Korean PBT silk. Gossamer lashes are a hybrid cross between strip lashes and cluster lashes. 

Each Gossamer contains numerous lash fibers attached at the bottom to a featherlight band. This helps distribute the weight of more voluminous Gossamers across more of your natural lashes for a more comfortable feel.

Our Bonds

We never use glue at Lashify. Instead, we use Bonds that don’t contain any cyanoacrylates or formaldehyde-releasing chemicals. Our Bonds are made with lash-nourishing biotin and lavender to help support the growth of your natural lashes while you wear your Gossamer lashes. 

Our Bonds never fully cure, which prevents them from causing your natural lashes to become hard and brittle, which can lead to breakage. 

Our Method

Gossamer lashes are applied using Underlash Technology™. This means you’ll apply your Gossamer lashes beneath your natural lashes, close to your waterline. This type of application is more forgiving for first-timers and also helps your lashes feel more comfortable while you’re wearing them. 

Getting started with the easiest and most natural-looking lashes in the industry is easy. All you need is a little control. 

The Lashify Control Kit

We made it easy for you to grab everything you need to get luscious lashes at home. You can find all the tools of the Lashify trade in one convenient place: The Control Kit™. The Control Kit is all you need to get incredible lashes anytime. It even comes with your first two sets of Gossamers. 

Each Control Kit contains:

Two Sets of Gossamer Lashes

You pick the curl style, length, and amount of volume. We offer our Gossamer lashes in numerous different styles, colors, and textures so you can fully customize your look. You can also check out our lash maps, which tell you which Gossamers to use and where to use them to create looks our users love. 

New to the Lashify collection is the I-Line™ Gossamer. This Gossamer is our first pre-mapped set that helps you get the look of expert winged liner without any of the liner or expertise required. 

Fuse Control® Wand

Applying your Gossamer lashes is easy with the Fuse Control Wand. The Fuse Control Wand gives you an ergonomically shaped tool that holds the curve of your eyelid and feels comfortable in your hand so you can easily apply your Gossamers without trying to hold them with tweezers or your fingers.

For smaller faces and hands, the Petit Curve Wand is the solution. 

One Set of Wandoms®

Because Lashify Bonds don’t fully cure, they’ll become tacky during application. This is important for helping your Gossamer lashes stay intact and to ensure your Gossamers don’t get stuck to your Wand. You’ll want Wandoms. Wandoms fit over the tips to help you avoid any sticky situations. 

Whisper Light Bond™

It’s our most popular Bond for a reason. Whisper Light is a strong Bond that never leaves behind a filmy or gluey residue. It’s available in clear or black and helps you capture lashes that last.

Glass Finishing Coat

Gossamer lashes are made to be worn up to 10 days with proper care; however, if you’re just starting out with the Lashify system, we recommend sealing your lashes with a coat of Glass to help increase their longevity.


Prep and Removal are two important components of proper at-home lash care, and we take the guesswork out of which products to use by providing you with the best quality products that work great with our Gossamer lashes. 

Pre Cleanse is our Japanese Cleansing Water that cleanses your lashes and preps them for application. It can also do double duty as a face wash. Melt Away is our dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover that helps you gently remove your Gossamer lashes without damaging your natural lashes or your Gossamers. 

Everything you need comes in one easy, convenient, and hard case to keep your tools and Gossamer lashes safe, so you never have to wonder where your lash tools are.

Natural Lashes the Lashify Way

Lashify gives you access to natural-looking lashes that are easy to apply and cost a fraction of the time and money that salon lashes cost. Grabbing the Control Kit is a simple way to get natural lashes at home and say goodbye to lash appointments for good. 


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