Posted by Sahara Lotti on 08 March, 2023

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Lashify is known for its innovation and utilizing the latest technology in lash creation. Becoming a leader in lash development and design. However, at times the technology available is not sufficient to keep up with the creative mind of Sahara Lotti!! Since 2016 Sahara (owner and creator of Lashify) has been in search of technology needed to produce her ideas and inventions. For example, one of the top questions clients ask themselves is, “what lash length is best for me”? Or, “what is the best lash style for my eye shape”? As an e-commerce brand, what if we could scan your facial features, determine your eye shape, and find the most suitable lashes for you? Would be amazing, right?! Well, guess what?! Lashify has done it again! Introducing the patent pending: Virtual Eye Shape Calibrator.


Virtual Eye Calibrator


What is the Virtual Eye Shape Calibrator? 

Lashify has teamed up with technology that uses the latest advances in 3D AI and graphics to create accurate 3D model faces. This technology was originally developed during the pandemic to make custom fit 3D printed N95 face masks for healthcare workers. Now, this technology can be used by trend setting beauty brands like Lashify to help provide the perfect custom lash maps for you! The length and style you choose mainly depends on lid space, and your personal style and preference. The eye shape calibrator will provide your full size range and the average length which is the most flattering for your eye shape.


How does it work?  

The eye shape calibrator is advanced when it comes to providing eye shapes.  While most eye shape infographics found online keep things pretty simple, and group things together when describing an eye shape, our calibrator is precise. For example, when referring to eye shapes, most of the time you will find monolid and hooded eyes listed as an eye shape. However, these are lid types not eye shapes. Our calibrator not only provides a lid type, but also the proper shape through precise measurements. From there, it provides a full size range based on the spacing between your lash line and brow bone. Along with the most flattering length based on your measurements.  

To start, scan the barcode, click “Get Started”, and answer a couple questions to determine your lid type. Your lid type is established by eyelid crease visibility and whether you have a skin fold over your crease.



Virtual Eye Calibrator


The next step is to allow access to your camera, and scan your facial features. Ensure you are looking straight into the camera, at arms length from the camera. Avoid getting too close to the camera, or angling the phone. (This feature is currently only available on mobile, and not iPads or desktop) Be as still as possible, place both eyes inside the box, and click begin your analysis.


Virtual Eye Shape Calibrator 

Then you get your results in a matter of seconds! The calibrator will provide the following: 

  • Your lid type and eye shape
  • Your eye real estate (eye spacing measurements)
  • Right and Left eye specific measurements (just toggle the button for specifics)
  • Your most flattering lash length
  • A full size range from shortest to longest
  • 3-5 Recommended lash maps with varied intensity




This information will provide you with the longest length you can wear based on your spacing. The featured length will be your average size and the most flattering on your eye shape. For example if you get an average length of 14mm, your go-to lash map will likely consist of 10 - 14 mm. Shorter lengths will be great if you prefer a more natural lash map, while 16 - 18mm can be for special occasions or if you generally prefer more dramatic lash maps.

Then based on your eye shape and measurements you will see anywhere from 3-5 suggested lash maps for you to try! Just slide the button to see the different options, to build your lash wardrobe! The possibilities for lash maps are endless! So if you don’t see your favorite lash map, or you have other ideas to try, by all means have fun and adjust the map to your liking!

Recommended Lash Maps

And this is only the beginning! With the help of precision AI technology, soon our calibrator will be able to provide you with the best styles for your eye shape, shoppable bundles with your lash map, and much more!

Try Lashify’s Virtual Eye Shape Calibrator and let us know what you think!

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