Which Lashes Should I Use To Create Natural-Looking Lashes?

Which Lashes Should I Use To Create Natural-Looking Lashes?

Natural-looking lashes are very on trend this year, as are natural, bare-faced makeup looks. Sometimes, however, Mother Nature herself was not the most helpful in making our natural lashes grow long, dark, dense, and luscious. 

Sometimes, she leaves people with sparse or thinning lash lines. That’s okay, though; homegirl had a lot of work to do, and we’re here to pick up where she left off. 

Whether Mother Nature blessed your lashes or got distracted mid-project, we have the lash map recs to help you craft the perfect natural-looking DIY lash extension lash map. From natural curls to natural colors to natural texturing, we have a wide variety of Gossamers to help you craft natural-looking lashes. 

Natural Shape

When you select the shape of your lashes, you want to mimic the natural curl of your lashes. When you mimic your natural lash curl, your extensions blend seamlessly into your lash line. Consider the shapes of our Core Collection Gossamers: 


Amplify Gossamers are an A curl, so they have the loosest curl in this collection. Having a loose curl means that they are the straightest lashes. If you have naturally straight eyelashes, Amplify Gossamers may appear more natural on you. Amplify is great for increasing the length and volume of your lashes.


Bold Gossamers are not known for being natural-looking on most people, but everyone is different. If you have lashes with a tight curl and thick individual lashes, Bold may be a good choice to intensify your natural volume. Bold Gossamers are typically a base for high-volume looks because of their thick lash fibers and tight, uniform curl.


Curl Gossamers, our C curls, are the perfect mix of the flutter of Amplify and the strong curl of Bold. Curl is the most popular style of Gossamer because it flatters every eye shape. No matter what your natural lashes look like, whether they’re straight or tightly curled, thick or thin, sparse or full — Curl is able to blend into your lash line. That’s why we made sure that Curl comes in every color we make, both natural colors and vivid, chromatic colors. 

If you’re after a natural look, you can create a whole lash map with Curl Gossamers that can look perfectly natural. Getting a natural lash look with Curls or any Gossamers from the Core Collection really just comes down to a little practice. 

A skilled application will ensure your lashes look natural and “in place” on your lash line. If you’re still mastering Gossamer application, we have written and video guides to help you. 

If you’re on the fence about which shape to choose, we recommend Curl Gossamers. Curls make the perfect base for literally every lash look. They work perfectly on their own or paired with other lash styles. You can’t go wrong with Curl; it’s like the blank canvas of lash extensions. 

Natural Color

When we think of natural color, we think of the Intimates Collection. If a natural look is your goal, you really must grab a pair of Intimates. Intimate Collection Gossamers come in a wide variety of natural colors, able to match any hair and lash color. 

Black lashes are the standard, and for many people, black is their natural lash color. But every person is unique, and we believe everyone should be able to find a lash in their natural shade, so we went beyond black. Here are the Gossamer colors available: 


Ash Gossamers are built to mimic the natural look of strawberry blonde lashes. They’re a medium brown with tints of red and purple dispersed throughout for a naturally radiant strawberry blonde look. 


Minx Gossamers mimic the highly sought-after coloration of mink. They may look very convincing, but like all our Gossamers, they’re one hundred percent Korean PBT silk, no real mink. Minx offers a soft, mink hue; all the real color, none of the real animal. 


Truffle Gossamers blend Chocolate brown with traditional black to create our most popular Intimate shade. The mixture of different colored lash fibers with carefully selected shades creates a very natural-looking variety of hues on your lash line. 


Ginger Gossamers are perfect for natural redheads. If your lashes match your fiery locks, utilizing Ginger Gossamers in a Curl style as the base of your lash map will give you the most natural lash look. 

Of course, you can build on this base layer with any style of Gossamer you’d like, even Gossamers in other colors. However, if all-natural is your goal, try length stacking Ginger Curl on Ginger Curl or Ginger Curl on Ginger Amplify. 

Dark Brown

Okay, you caught us; Dark Brown isn’t in the Intimates Collection, but it’s still a very popular natural lash color. Dark Brown isn’t in the Intimates Collection because it’s actually found within our Prismatic Collection, which mainly houses bright, unnatural, but super fun colors like red, teal, violet, and silver. 


Chocolate is the newest color on our natural shade roster. It’s lighter than Dark Brown but Darker than Minx. 

Chocolate Gossamers are the same shade of brown we mixed into the Truffle Gossamer. Chocolate is perfect for those with a fair complexion and almost-but-not-quite-black lashes. The shade of brown is especially good for accentuating blue and green eye colors. 

All of the Intimate Gossamers are available in both Curl and Amplify styles. 

Natural Texture 

Your natural lashes are basically never all the same length at the same time. That’s by design! As your lashes grow through their lash growth cycle, each lash is at a different place in the cycle so that they don’t all fall out and regrow in unison. It’s normal for your lashes to fall out; it’s part of the natural circle of lash life. 

The aesthetic result is that your lashes appear in various lengths across your lash line. To achieve a natural-looking extension, you can play with texture. You can experiment with lash extensions that intentionally feature fibers of different lengths. We have a few such Gossamers in our Volume Collection: 


Stardust Gossamers are five layers of ethereal wispiness made of our finest fibers. Stardust Gossamer’s multi-layered, multi-lengthed design makes them ideal for naturally textured lash maps. 

They have the same curl strength as Curl Gossamers to help you create a seamless blend of both styles. Order Stardust one size longer than you might expect since they are measured from their longest point. 


Like the Stardusts, Starburst Gossamers feature a multi-layered, multi-lengthed design that lends itself nicely to natural lash looks. Starbursts are unique because they create lash spikes without leaning into unnatural, stiff, pinched lashes. 

They provide natural-looking volume as well as texture. These lashes play nicely with both Curl and Bold Gossamers. They are the perfect, subtle accent to the outer corner of the eye. 

Designing Your Lash Map 

You can also create texture with your lash placement. Different combinations of Gossamers within one layer and different arrangements of layered Gossamers can help you achieve a look of natural lash variety with only Core and Intimate Gossamers. 

Let’s look at some examples: 

Mixing and Matching Lash Styles

While the Core Collection makes a great base for lash stacking, it also makes a great starting point to mix and match lashes in just one row across your lash line. For example, a pattern that alternates Curl Gossamers and Stardust Gossamers could give you a natural curl with subtle variations in lash texture. 

Amplify all the way across the lash line with a little Starburst at the outer corner, which can help give you a natural look with a special little flutter.

There are as many unique Gossamer combinations as there are creative Lashifiers. It's a great idea to start with your eye shape to get your creative juices flowing. Check out our helpful guide to eye shapes to help you assess which lash map designs will look the most natural with your eye shape and face shape. 

Brick Stacking and Length Stacking

Brick stacking adds dimension and intensity to any lash map. Brick stacking describes the process of layering the lashes like bricks, with one lash spine slightly offset from the two underneath it. 

Brick stacking can be really helpful for people suffering from sparse lashes because it was designed to bridge gaps along the lash line. The offset lash placement gives you more even density across your lashes. Brick stacking is a slightly more advanced lash placement technique, so we recommend it for Level 2 Lashifiers. 

Length Stacking creates an illusion of longer lashes while utilizing short and medium lashes, just like magic! This is a beginner-friendly stacking technique, so if this is your first time with lash stacking, you can fearlessly start here. 

Length stacking can help with adding natural texture because you don’t have to length stack across the entire lash line. You can focus on specific areas, like the outer corner, the center, and the one and three-quarter marks along the lash line. If you have especially short natural lashes, length stacking may be a great option to give you a natural-looking length you can control. 


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