Makeup for Eyelash Extensions

Posted by Bridget Reed on 09 January, 2023

Makeup for Eyelash Extensions

Eyelash extensions are a godsend for people with sparse lashes and people who just don’t want to deal with coat after coat of lengthening, thickening (read: clumping) mascara. With lash extensions, you can literally have “I woke up like this” fresh-faced beauty. When you want to level up your look and go glam, adding makeup is essential. 

Protecting your lashes while you wear makeup can be tricky, but don’t worry. The team at Lashify® has everything you need to know to apply makeup like a pro while still maintaining the look and health of your lashes. 

We’ll tell you everything you need to know about keeping your lashes safe while using all your favorite eye makeup products. 

Sticky Situations

It probably goes without saying that makeup on your Gossamer® lashes is no bueno. The ingredients in makeup can break down the bond that holds your lashes to your lash line and can also damage the lash fibers themselves and decrease their lifespan. 

It’s important to avoid getting any makeup on your lashes, but the biggest offenders (the products that are definitely going to wreak havoc on your lash fibers and your bonding agent) are important to avoid.

1. Mascara

The first time you put on a full set of Gossamer lashes, you basically forget mascara ever existed. As you get used to your new look, you might decide you want more intense lash drama and decide to try mascara on top of your lashes. Put the mascara wand down! 

Mascara contains ingredients that can significantly shorten the lifespan of your lashes. Formaldehyde, alcohol, and colorants can all dry lash fibers and cause them to become brittle. It can be nearly impossible for you to remove the makeup from the lash fibers (especially if you’ve used a waterproof formula), and it can be even more dangerous to your natural lashes. 

When you use mascara on your lash fibers, it can affect the way they bond with your natural lashes and may even cause you to lose natural lashes. Bottom line: Avoid mascara when you’re wearing lash extensions. If you want more drama, grab a curlier, bolder set of Gs, like the Extra Extreme

2. Oil-based Anything

Just like oil and water, oil and lash extensions don’t mix. Oil is kryptonite for the flexible bonds that keep your Gossamer lashes in place. It’s why our Melt Away Remover makes it so easy to slide your Gossamer lashes off without pulling, tugging, or damaging your natural lashes. 

That means oil-based shadows and liners are best avoided while you’re wearing your Gossamer lashes or used sparingly and away from your natural lash line. Even though the Lashify® system uses underlash technology (which means your lashes are applied under your natural lashes instead of above them), it’s still possible for oil-based products to slide down and reach your extensions. 

3. Sketchy Skincare

Okay, your skincare probably isn’t legitimately sketchy, but the ingredients can be bad for your lash extensions. Heavy eye creams can contain oils that break down your lash bonds, and concealers and primers may contain oils or drying ingredients that can cause your lash fibers to become damaged.

Even though there are some red-flag ingredients to avoid, you can still use most of your favorite makeup products along with your lash extensions to create glam looks if you know how to apply them carefully. Lucky for you, the Lashify team has you covered. 

Working Together With Your Lash Extensions

A lot of the makeup products you use won’t affect your lashes because they won’t be placed anywhere near your eye. For the products that do, applying them without messing up your lashes will help extend the life of your lashes and make sure you don’t have an embarrassing lash detachment during your work presentation (cringe).

Applying Eyeliner

Your Gossamer lashes create a dramatic lash line that adds volume, lift, and definition to your eyes. However, for more eye definition or for the cat-eye enthusiast, adding liner is a must. 

The great news is that using Gossamer lashes helps you apply eyeliner without interfering too much with their bond because they use underlash technology. It’s still important to remember a few rules before you go full send on your double flick.

  • Choose a water-based eyeliner formula. Pencils are usually creamy and contain oils that can break down your lash bond. 
  • Avoid waterproof formulas. These can be impossible to remove without damaging (or removing) your eyelash extensions. 
  • Apply your eyeliner close to your natural lash line but not on top of it. This will help you avoid mixing it with your lashes. 
  • Remove eyeliner with a cotton swab dipped in an oil-free eye makeup remover. This will take your liner off without disturbing your lash bonds. 

We recommend using Activated Charcoal Cotton Swabs to easily remove eye makeup without getting white fiber fallout in your Gossamer lashes. Or you can can try Lashify’s newest innovation in lash technology, the I-Line™. A lash extension style that achieves an eyeliner effect. 

Shadow Dancing 

Most shadows are safe to use with your Gossamer lashes as long as they aren’t oil-based. Even if you do have an oil-based shadow, you can use it as long as you avoid the immediate lash line. In other words, use that creamy, ethereal shimmer shadow on the upper portion of your lid real estate.

  • Use a smaller brush to apply shadow when you have your lash extensions in place. This will help you avoid dusting your lashes with powder shadow, which can be hard to remove from your lashes. 
  • Tap your brush twice before applying your shadow to shake off any loose powder so that it doesn’t wind up in your lashes. 
  • Remove your eye makeup with a small cotton round blotted with oil-free eye makeup remover. Avoid direct contact with your lashes. 

If you do get eyeshadow (or any eye makeup product) in your lashes, it’s best to cleanse them right away. If it’s a small area, you can dip a cotton swab in an oil-free cleansing solution like this one and gently swipe it over the affected fibers. 

For larger situations, remove the Gossamer lashes and place them on their cartridge, and cleanse them with the oil-free cleansing solution. 

Face Makeup

Concealers and primers that apply on your lid or near your lash line can cause lash fibers to break down and may make your bonds loosen before you’re ready to remove your lashes. 

We recommend applying primer and concealer away from the lash line and making sure you allow the product to dry completely before you begin applying eye makeup. 

Another tip? Make sure you look straight ahead when applying this makeup. Looking up and down can press your lash line onto your lids or cause your lashes to touch below your eyes which can transfer product to your lashes. 

Other Ways To Care for Your Lashes

The great thing about the Lashify DIY Lash Extension system is that your Gossamer lashes are pretty lowkey. Unlike strip lashes, you don’t need to continually remove them or reattach them, and unlike salon lashes, you won’t have to sacrifice hours of your time to have them filled in.

Keeping your Gossamer lashes is easy with these helpful tips. 

  • Avoid oils. Oils are the number one ingredient that breaks apart your bonds. Any oil you place on or near your Gossamer lashes can weaken the bond and cause your lashes to loosen. 
  • Once you’ve applied your Gossamer lashes, wait 24 hours before showering to make sure the bond is sealed tight. 
  • Pat, don’t splash. When you’re showering and washing your face, avoid splashing your face with water. Instead, use a cleansing puff or cloth to gently remove makeup, dirt, and oil while avoiding your lash line. 
  • Don’t sleep on your face. Not only can it cause your lashes to loosen and rub off, but it can also give you wrinkles.
  • Always use a dual-phase, oil-based makeup remover to safely remove your Gossamer lashes.
  • Keep your Gossamer lashes in their cartridge when you aren’t wearing them to keep them protected, and make sure they don’t get lost in the bottom of your makeup bag. 

Your Gossamer lashes are designed to last up to 10 days per application with proper care. 

Go Glam — The Safe Way

Playing up your luxe lashes is easy when you know what product ingredients play nicely with your lashes. Avoid accidents and frustration by learning how to apply your favorite products like a professional, and save yourself the hassle of loosening a lash bond before you’re ready to remove your lashes. 

At Lashify, we make having the lashes of your dreams a reality without spending a fortune of your time and money at a salon to get the job done. Protect your lashes and your look by using lash-safe cosmetics that enhance your eyes and create the extreme definition and volume you want while avoiding unnecessary loose-lash drama. 


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