Different Types of Lash Extensions: Styles To Consider for Vacation

Different Types of Lash Extensions: Styles To Consider for VacationLashify

Sunscreen. Travel guides. Water bottle. Portable charger. Lash extensions — Lash extensions?

With the right precautions, eyelash extensions are just the thing to add to your packing list for your next vacation! Let’s consider which types of lash extensions are best for your vacation vibe. Whatever your vibe, there’s a lash look for you.

Is It a Good Idea To Vacation With Lash Extensions? 

Surprisingly, yes! It’s totally a good idea to wear extensions on your vacation, as long as you’re not doing anything extremely wet. 

If your travel plans involve a lot of submerging your head in water, however, maybe rethink your lash plan. Remember, no waterproof mascara on your lash extension! Humidity is another factor to consider: your lashes may have difficulty staying in place if you’re traveling somewhere tropical and humid. 

A full set of synthetic lashes can make for an awesome traveling companion because they save you a ton of time doing your makeup. That way, you can get away from the mirror in your hotel room and enjoy your trip — while still keeping you photo-ready for all the gorgeous Insta photos you will take! 

Lashify is like keeping a lash tech in your suitcase. Extensions are perfect for keeping killer lashes all day long. 

When Should I Apply My Vacation Lashes? 

Since Gossamers can last up to 10 days on a single application with proper care, you likely want to apply them a day or two before you travel. Think about how long your trip will be and your itinerary while you’re there. 

If you’re taking a trip longer than a week (what lucky babe you are), you may want to count on doing a removal and reapplication while you’re away, so pack your Control Kit. If you expect to encounter humidity or a water splash to the face here or there, we’d recommend the same; bring your Control Kit just in case. Better safe than sorry! 

Style Inspo for Vacation

Now that we have the practicals out of the way let’s talk style! We can sort types of eyelash extensions into three basic categories: Classic lashes, Volume Lashes, and Hybrid Lashes. 

Different types of lash extensions can be styled in different ways. When considering styles for different occasions, remember your eye shape: The same lash map might look totally different on two different faces because of how eye shape impacts the final look. 

For example, wide-set eyes and close-set eyes have different traits to emphasize and minimize, so they probably won’t want the same lash map. We have some inspo for styles, but reference aneye shape guide for tips on how to personalize the style to your own features!

The Beachy Babes

Since your lashes will encounter the most hazards at the beach, even if you just vibe on your towel tanning the whole time, this is a great place to try a more natural look. Opt for a shorter lash length, more similar to the length of your natural lashes. 

Of all the types of lash extensions, classic eyelash extensions are the best lash extensions for the beach; try a B curl (Bold), C curl (Curl), or D curl (Drama).

The City Chicas 

Just like all the great cities of the world, you have so much potential for individuality! Since you won’t likely be encountering hazards like ocean water, you can. Try mega volume, or even Russian volume, for a classy and dramatic look. Don’t be afraid to really experiment with volume lash extensions; new city, new look, new you!

Consider trying a Cat Eye style. You know it, and you love it; in this style, place the shortest lashes in the inner corner and build your way up to the longest lashes at the outer corner. The great thing about a cat eye is how easy it is to modify and personalize. 

Want to go in a completely opposite direction? Have you heard of a Reverse Cat Eye? This lash extension style puts the longest lashes at the inner corner instead and works out to the shortest lash, but the individual lashes have less variation in length than a regular cat eye. Cat eyes are a great style for round eyes. 

The High-Adventure Hotties 

Hiking, ziplining, boating, exploring, backpacking, parasailing – get after it, you total badass! You love the excitement and trying new things, so let’s shake up your lash look! Consider trying something eye-catching, like a vibrant color from the Prismatics Collection, or something eye-opening, like a Doll Eye lash map. 

The Doll Eye style, aka Open Eye style, places the longer lashes at the center of your lash line, just above the pupil when you look straight ahead. From the center out to the corners, adding variation in extension length creates more texture. We suggest 12mm in the center and 8mm for the corners. This is a great style for monolids and deep-set eyes. 

The Snow Bunnies 

Whether you're skiing down the slopes or curled up with a cocoa in the lodge, there’s a fluttery and celestial look for you. Just remember to stay out of the sauna and don’t get too close to that fireplace. You want a look that’s warm and inviting, but not too long to fit under your ski goggles. 

Consider trying a wispy squirrel eye style. What the heck is a squirrel eye? It’s a new trend since it’s the middle ground between two great styles you know and love: Cat eye and Doll eye. 

To get the look, place the longest lashes halfway between the outer corner and the center of the lash line, above the pupil. This look is great for almond-shaped eyes and downturned eyes. 

Top Tips for Vacationing with Lash Extensions

Pick the Right Sunscreen

Yes, you should apply and reapply a quality facial sunscreen the entire time you’re on vacation or even just when you’re at home; a quality facial sunscreen protects you from UVA/UVB rays that will cause wrinkles and fine lines. Obviously, we always try to avoid getting sunscreen in our eyes, but be real: how often does a little sunscreen infiltrate your eye area on vacation? 

Probably more than you’d like. When you’re wearing extensions, there are two things you need to keep in mind while selecting sunscreen:

  • Choose oil-free: As you probably know, the oil will dissolve the bond of your lashes and cause lash lift across the lash line. Choosing an oil-free sunscreen prevents extraneous oil from touching your lashes.

  • Choose lotion, not mist: When the mister sprays the sunscreen across your face, you have next to no control over where those little particles go. Even if the mist is oil-free, it’s best practice to avoid unnecessary chemicals in your lashes to maintain longevity. 

Keep it Cool

Avoid wearing extensions in extreme heat when possible. Stay away from saunas, where your lashes will be damaged by not only high heat but high humidity as well. Steer clear of campfires, bonfires, grills, and any other open flames, no matter how tasty the bbq smells. 

Shelter from Wind

Particularly, winds at the beach. That sea breeze can blow salt and sand into your eyes and lashes. This can trap debris in your lashes and irritate your eyes, prompting you to rub your eyes without thinking and tug on your extensions. 

A super easy precaution you can take against wind irritation is wearing sunglasses with a wide lens. Bonus points, they also protect the delicate skin around your eyes. 

Watch the Water

You already know not to wet your lashes within the first 48 hours of application. After that, you can get them wet but still use these precautions: Don’t let chlorine or salt water sit on your lashes. 

After swimming, rinse your lashes with clean, still water. They may not be sexy, but swim goggles are recommended for keeping your lash extensions safe while you swim. 

Wear a Sealant 

A lash sealer keeps your gossamers protected. We recommend our Glass Finishing Coat. It protects your Gossamers by encasing them in a glossy top coat and reducing stickiness from leftover Whisper Light. The same rules from home still apply: no mascara! 

Clean Up Before Bedtime

Don’t forget the aftercare! After each vacation day, clean your lashes with your dedicated lash cleanser, like our Pre-Cleanse Japanese Cleansing Water.

Bon Voyage! 

No matter where you roam — to Aspen or Rome, to Fiji or Mexico, to nights under the stars or days under the sun — your lashes are a beautiful way to express yourself, and where can you find more freedom for self-expression than on your vacay! 

This is a great time to play around with a brand-new style. If you’re ready to try something new, check out our catalog of Gossamers to see some eyelash extension styles you won’t find anywhere else. 


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