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Take Control with Core and Plus Lashes Lash Map: C+10, C+12, C+12, C14, C14, Stack: C+10, C+14 . . . . . #diybeauty #idieforlashify #idiyforlashify #makeupart...
EE vs Truffle Fluffy. What’s your fave? 😍
Starstruck Sunday🤩 check out these beauties with an upturned eye shape— and the lash maps that had them photo ready 📸
#MeganFox having a Pamela Anderson inspired moment thanks to the incredible @jennakristina 🖤 lash map: SD12, B12, SD14, SD14, B14, and B14
Creat a voluminous lash look with @lashify.jill Lash map: sd12, c10, sd12, c12, sd14, c14, c16 . . . . . . . . #diybeauty #idieforlashify #idiyforlashify #m...
Excellent lash map before dinner!! lash minute live with @saharalotti 😍❤️
Truffle vs Black Plushies with @lashify.gerilyn Lash Map: PT9, P11, P13x4 #lashify #livetutorial #livestream #live #diylashextensions #beautyhacks
Happy Valentine’s Day🖤🤍
A fresh set is a form of self care #happyvalentinesday #loveyourself
#Lashify Live with founder CEO and inventor of DIY lash extensions @saharalotti ! Text 26148 and send the word SAHARA to get notified when Sahara is Live! 😍✨⚡...
NEW Lash: D+ with Pro Educator GeriLyn Map: D+10, 12, 12, 14, 16, 18 #lashify #diylashes #tutorial #makeuptutorial #howto
it’s the talk of the town… the D+ Plus. 2/8/23
bond so strong your lashes will last through it all✔️ . . . . . #diylashextensions #diylashes #lashextensions #lashifyme
get your lashes goin strong all night long ✔️ . . #diylashextensions #lashbond
Join @lashify.jill as she takes a Gemini lash look to the next level by stacking! Lash map: B.10, B.10, G.12, G.12, G.14, G.16 Stack: C.10, C.12, C.14
Does Lashify last rain or come shine!?? YES MAAM. Check out Ona’s frozen starburst! 😂😂❤️❤️ we love our lashifiends!!!!!
keep your G’s looking fresh— reactivate that bond, and curl those girls right back up for a day 1 look… even on day 5 👀
Join @lashify.jill while she applies our Curl Gossamer® Lashes showing how to get daily wear or week long wear by changing up your bonding technique! Lash map...
It’s called magic for a reason… just run your puff under some water and POOF! Watch that makeup disappear 🪄
#lashify with ceo and founder @saharalotti serving all the tricks! ⚡️✨😍😍 please excuse the ROOTs! 😆 been at this since 2017 and it’s always fun to do lives!...
that sweet feeling of cracking open a new control kit— you can’t beat it 🥂
Our dual ended Precision Lash Comb makes it easier to work smarter, not harder— that means more me time🧖🏻‍♀️
Tapping into the weekend with a little color 🎨 which Prismatic color is making an appearance in your next lash map?👀
#SarahMichelleGellar for the @teenwolf premiere with all B12s across the outer third of her eyes thanks to MUA Rachel Goodwin (@rachelgoodwinmakeup)🤍
#JenniferCoolidge for @criticschoice in a dreamy lash look by MUA @lilly_keys ✨ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ lash map: B10, SB14, SB16, SB14, and SB16
Fuse, tweeze, perfect —with your multitasking BFF. Fuse Control Wand does it all🪄
Lock down your lash map with The Stoner Method. All you need is your Whisper Light Bond™.
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