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by our client, Elyse Pleickhardt

Member of Lashify Life since February 24, 2021

Top 3 Favorite products: Gemini Gossamer® Lashes, the Precision Lash Comb, Bondage

Favorite Bonding Technique: Clear Whisper Light Bond on spines of Gossamer lashes, Bondage throughout natural lashes, Bondage tapped at base of natural lashes, clear WL tapped at base of natural lashes

Typically wears lashes for: About 4 days--by choice!

Elyse P.

Ladies and gentlemen of Lashify, please don your safety goggles (you know, the big kind that won't mess up your lashes) and your lab coat.

I'm here to tell you that we are all little Lashify scientists.

Lashify was an experiment for me from my first purchase. Sure I used to wear strip lashes, but that was a few years back when I was still husband hunting and worked a client-facing job. Would I have the skill? How did this system compare? How much of my time (and money) would this new obsession consume?

Well... it was easy. I had the skills. It was quick once I got the hang of it, and, as a reuser, I'm finding it very affordable!

“First application ever - C14’s look really intense for me” (First post 3/8/21) 
Lash map: C10, C12, F14, C12x2, C10”

First Lashify Lash Application

That's when my inner scientist kicked in. It wasn't long before I was buying every Gossamer lash style. Then I started perfecting my application through brick stacking. Mixing Gossamers became a favorite of mine. For a while in the group, I was shocking members with how many Gossamers I cut up into halves and pieces to really customize my look.

Wispy Lash Map

Lash map: Choc SD14 x 3 from middle to outer
2x Choc SB12 inner, then choc SB12 brick stacked

I even just completed a semi-failed experiment where I took some old ragged volume Gossamers that I wasn't going to use again, trimmed all the lash fibers off them except for a few fibers to grab, and used them to brick stack. I had hoped I could achieve my beloved longevity from brick stacking without adding any additional volume. It was meh... but I tried it!

Stardust and Truffle Plushy Tame Lash Map

Lash map: SD14 x 3
Brick stacked Truffle PT12, Truffle PT10 inner

Experimenting with bonding techniques was key, too. I found that I need a different bonding method in the summer than in the winter, where I live. I use Bondage all summer long, and Whisper Light gets me through the long, cold winters.

Summer bonding:

  • Clear Whisper Light on spines of all Gossamers
  • Bondage throughout natural lashes; brush through with a clean spoolie
  • Tap Bondage at base of natural lashes
  • Tap Clear Whisper Light at base of natural lashes
  • Apply, fuse
  • Night Bond Sealer several hours later

Winter bonding:

  • Clear Whisper Light on spines of all Gossamers
  • Black Whisper Light throughout natural lashes, brush through
  • Tap Clear Whisper Light at base of natural lashes
  • Apply, fuse
  • Night Bond Sealer several hours later

As I started sharing my prowess more and more with the group, I realized that some people thought I was a ninja master. Sure, I'm a perfectionist. But don't get me wrong--I have my bad days (ninja tip: I just never post about them). Some wonky spines. Overbonding. Some days I  get so frustrated that I just go bare!

No ninja master here. Just a little scientist, experimenting. And so are you.

Plushy and Stardust

If you've made a fun mixed map using multiple styles of Gossamers; if you have ever experimented with different bonds, multiple layers; if you bought a Lashicurl even though you had no idea how to use it; if you dipped outside of your comfort zone and tried some EEs, EIs, or Prismatics…

Congratulations! You're a Lashify scientist, too!

Because – let's not forget – at some point, we all tried something new when we purchased our first Control Kit. Then we all fell in love with the freedom to express our beauty creatively by doing whatever we want with the amazing tools Lashify has given us (unless you're too close to the waterline... or overbonding... don't be THAT creative)!

My advice to everyone is to never stop experimenting. Jump outside of your comfort zone every now and then. It could end up being the move that brings you your new favorite map, or takes you from 5 day longevity to 7.

Take advantage of the encouragement and positive feedback from everyone in the Lashify Life community. Pal around with the educators – they are so helpful! Remember that someone out there has very likely done the experiment that could become your new routine or go-to map.

I'm off to clean my safety goggles and bleach my lab coat. Stay beautiful, ya'll!

Elyse Pleickhardt


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