Your Lash Guide to Surviving the Holidays

Posted by Jill Medicis on 19 December, 2023

Your Lash Guide to Surviving the Holidays

The Holidays are upon us and that means it’s time for parties, shopping, gift giving, eating, spending time with friends and family AND more! This time of year can be exhausting, and sometimes can feel like you need a manual to survive. Well we can’t help you with cooking a turkey or wrapping the perfect gift, but we can help you stay looking and feeling fabulous for the entire holiday season. You know what they say - - when you look your best, you feel your best!! 

Surviving the Holiday Work Party - One Night Wear 

Dreading the holiday party because you don’t know what to wear or you don’t know how to do your hair or makeup and don’t want to spend any extra money on having it done professionally? Well that’s where we step in. 

With Lashify you can create the perfect Holiday glam look with one of our Volume lash styles. By applying a volume lash, you create a fuller, more dramatic look. You can even apply our I Line™ Gossamer®Lash to create the perfect winged liner look. This can save you the hassle of worrying about applying any additional makeup. No need for eyeshadow or eyeliner…let your lashes do the talking. 

If you are only planning to wear the look for just one night, then application is a breeze. Apply one layer of our black Whisper Light Bond™, allow it to get tacky, apply the lashes, fuse, and voíla! A look all your own. 

Surviving Traveling to Family - The Frosting Method™ 

For some, the holidays means it’s time for traveling across the country to visit with loved ones. The stress of leaving everything Lashify behind can be enough to cause anyone to cancel their trip. But have no fear - we are here to make sure that you get your butt over to see your grandparents, all while looking good and having zero worry about your lashes staying put. 


Not sure how to travel with your lashes? We have the solutions. The Glutton is a great travel friendly option for holding some lash cartridges, bonds, and sealers. It is my go-to travel friendly storage case.

Don’t have a Glutton and don’t want to spend more? Use your Control Kit as storage. We also have cute storage containers that you can throw in your purse to make sure you have the ability to create the perfect lash map at a moment’s notice. 


Wondering how the heck you are going to get the lashes to stay on for your whole trip? We were too….that’s why we invented the Frosting Method. The most perfect method for extended wear. Check out the images below for “How to Frost”.

The Frosting Method - Lash Application

The Frosting Method - Lash Application


Surviving the Stress of Hosting - The Frosting Method with Bondage® 

The last survival strategy (for, in my opinion, the unluckiest ones out there) is focused on those gracious individuals who decided to be the hosts for ANYTHING this holiday season. The person who takes this on needs the ULTIMATE survival strategy to ensure their lashes hold up through the stress of cleaning, cooking, planning, timing everything just right, and making sure everyone’s drinks are filled (and more). For this person, we recommend they dip into their Bondage®. Bondage is our strongest bond. We recommend applying the Gossamer® lashes using the Frosting Method, but instead of applying black Whisper Light, we recommend replacing that step with Bondage. This will give you a longer hold that absorbs more moisture and oil, resulting in everyone at the party wondering just how you look so good doing it all!!

The holidays are a stressful time, but here at Lashify we like to look at life one lash at a time.  Want more Holiday Lash inspo? Check out this blog on Holiday Lash Looks!

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