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Top 5 Accessories To Level-Up Your Lash Game

Posted by Jill Medicis on 02 February, 2023

Top 5 Accessories To Level-Up Your Lash Game

Ready to take your Lashify experience to the next level? I’m here to share the top 5 accessories you need to go from a Lashify beginner to a LASHIFY EXPERT!!

Before we jump into the must-have accessories list, let's touch base on the fact that if you are a beginner, then starting with just the Control Kit® is the way to go! Our Control Kit comes with EVERYTHING you need to get started. Inside the kit you receive  Dual-Sided Whisper Light Bond™ a patented, hand-tooled Fuse Control® wand with your choice of the original curve, or 10% less curve (Petit Fuse Control Wand); a Wandom® pair; a sealer called Glass; and either Amplify, Bold®, or Curl™ Gossamer® lashes in 10mm, 12mm, and 14mm lengths. You also receive a sample of Pre-Cleanse, which is our prep step, and a sample of Melt Away, which is one of our removal options. AND we’re not done yet - - there’s more!!! The box that the Control Kit comes in turns into Gossamer storage and holds up to 12 Gossamer lashes (because we already know you’re going to be obsessed). Choosing which Control Kit is the perfect fit for you may feel overwhelming but have no fear, we’ve done the dirty work for you! We offer a fun, quick online quiz that will tell you which Control Kit is perfect for you based on the answers you provide. You can take our Control Kit finder quiz here.

Once you’ve mastered the system it’s time to step things up and take it to the next level. Here are my top 5 accessories to add on if you’re looking to speed up your application, customize your lash maps even more, or add longevity to your look!

Blow Speed Dryer

  1. The Blow 
  • Speed up drying time
  • Dry liquid liner
The Blow Speed Dryer is the tool that you never knew you needed. It can be used to speed up the drying time for your bonds. This tool pushes air out and onto the lashes to ensure your bond is tacky. It is faster and easier (and less work) than waving your hand in front of your face for 60 seconds. The talented and beautiful Dita Von Teese is known for her long lashes (because she wears Lashify) and amazing liquid wing liner. She uses the Blow tool for not only her lash application but also to dry her eyeliner!! 

Night Bond Sealer
  1. Night Bond® Sealer
  • Remove tackiness after fusing
  • Use on bottom lashes
  • Camouflage lash cleavage

Night Bond® Sealer is one of my favorite add-ons!!! When I first started wearing Lashify I struggled to get my lash maps to last past 5 days. For me, Night Bond Sealer was a game changer! Night Bond Sealer is a multi-purpose sealer. Not only does it remove any excess tackiness at the end of application but it is also a bond extender. I think of Night Bond Sealer like a piece of tape being applied to the underside of the lashes holding everything in. After your final fuse, apply Night Bond Sealer along the spines of the Gossamer lashes and allow it to dry completely.

Night Bond Sealer is also a great way to camouflage any imperfections! Maybe you’ve applied your Gossamer lashes but have a slight gap between two…..my solution? Apply a little Night Bond Sealer.

Because of it’s black formulation and the fact that it is not sticky like a bond it’s perfect for this. If you’re like me, the second I discovered Lashify I threw away all my mascara and haven’t bought any in over 4 years.

Every once in a while, I may go on a date night or out for drinks with my friends and want a bolder, more glamorous makeup look with some mascara on the bottom. The perfect solution for replacing my mascara? Night Bond. You can apply Night Bond onto the bottom lashes for a mascara-esque look without having to buy any!

Finally, I love Night Bond to help blend my lash cleavage (also known as the view from the top). As a blonde, my natural lashes are not black. They are more of a light brown color. To create a more cohesive, blended, and seamless appearance, I will oftentimes lightly brush some Night Bond Sealer to the top of my lashes. 


  1. Lashicurl®
  • Curl natural lashes
  • Curl Gossamer lashes
  • Heat Fused Technology

The Lashicurl® is our heated lash curler and another one of my favorite, multipurpose add-on accessories!!! The Lashicurl has 3 heat settings and a silicone tip to avoid any chance of being burnt. It can be used to add curl to your Gossamer lashes or soften their curl. You can curl them while they’re on your eye or while they’re in the cartridge. It has a double-sided tip allowing for a longer, full lash curl or flip it over to the precision side and focus the curl on certain areas of your lash map. It can also be used to curl your natural lash prior to applying your Gossamer lashes for all those straight-lashed beauties out there like me! When using it on your natural lashes I recommend using it on the first heat setting until you know how much heat is needed to get the perfect curl.

The most popular use for the Lashicurl is what we call Heat Fused Technology™. This is a technique that can be used to seal your Gossamer lashes after application, or it can be used to do any touch-ups throughout the week. What Heat Fusing does is recreate the seal. You can achieve this by turning the Lashicurl up to the 3rd heat setting. Once it has warmed up, apply it to the underside of the lashes for ~10 seconds. This will heat up the bond and reactivate it. Then, you come in with your Fuse Control Wand and fuse down onto the lashes. The coolness of the wand will recreate the seal as if you have just applied – resulting in extended wear!!

Precision Lash Comb

  1. Precision Lash Comb
  • Comb through natural or Gossamer lashes
  • Remove clumps

This is a newer item to the world of Lashify and it has been such a game changer. The Precision Lash Comb is dual-sided, allowing you to do double the work. One end is a precision lash comb and the other end is a pointed tip. You can use the comb end to fluff and brush through your Gossamers lashes or use the pointed end to separate and define your lash look. If you are a natural girl who enjoys rocking some Core Collection™, Plus Collection™, or Intimate Collection™ lashes this tool is perfect for you. The pointed end is great for removing any clumping, allowing you to maintain that subtle, barely-there, “yes these are my own” lash look.

Lash Pad

  1. Lash Pad 
  • Lose fewer Gossamer lashes
  • Build lash maps
My final must-have accessory is the silicone Lash Pad. The Lash Pad is a sticky pad where you can place your individual Gossamers lashes while you apply. This way, they don’t blow away when you sneeze, or when you use your Blow tool, or when you turn your fan on! It also speeds up the application process. You can use the Lash Pad to lay out your lash map ahead of time and even stick your bond applicator down, allowing you to easily apply any bond you want to the spine of the Gossamer lashes. It can be cleaned with water and reused as many times as you want! One of my biggest tips with using the Lash Pad is to make sure you hold onto the protective covering that it comes with. I like to place the covering back over the Lash Pad when I am done with it to avoid any dust or debris getting stuck to the pad in between uses.

Now that you know my top 5 must-have accessories, I have to share something with you…..there are even MORE accessories and tools that will level-up your lash game!! The possibilities with Lashify are endless. We have storage cases, disposable applicators for on-the-go, headbands, make-up removers, head wraps, you name it! Don’t limit yourself to just these 5. Lashify is not just a DIY Lash System, it is a way of LIFE! 

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