I can’t think of a single day in my life where I haven’t had to give up the perks and joys of summer in order to preserve my looks, particularly my hair and lashes. I know the same rings true for a lot of others out there, whether it’s protecting that fresh blow-out or perfect lash set by keeping your head above water [literally].

And while I have yet to find the answer to making sure my hair stays on point while being anywhere near a body of water, I did find the key to flirtatious summer lashes without fear of retribution. Enter Lashify’s sweat and water-resistant heroes.


The answer to my summer lash look starts with this revolutionary waterproof bond. The basics — it contains Biotin and Charcoflex™. While you’re surely familiar with the former, the latter is a patent-pending formula by Lashify designed to withstand heat, bacteria, and moisture. And yes, it contains Charcoal. This bad boy will give your Gossamers the longest and strongest hold while simultaneously nourishing the natural lashes thanks to the Biotin.


Every fairytale has a happily ever after, and in this case, my summer proof lash story ends with Glass. This product comes in your Control Kit and completes any look you want to achieve. A multi-tasker by design, this lash coating waterproofs lashes, refreshes and extends wear, and removes any residual stickiness that Bondage leaves behind.

All in all, while many of us around the world have had to succumb to the confines of quarantine this summer, at least we’re able to have control over something: summer proof lashes — whether it’s enjoying them in our own showers, by a pool, a lake, or a beach [if it’s open].