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As the beauty industry continues to flourish and grow, the options for false eyelashes have become endless. And with Lashify's new Starburst and Chocolate colored Gossamers, the sky is the limit.

Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 01 July, 2021


As the beauty industry continues to flourish and grow, the options for false eyelashes have become endless.

Lashify’s patented, at home, DIY system is revolutionary to the lash and beauty markets. The system enables the eyelashes, called Gossamers, to be placed on the underside of the upper lash. Gossamers are virtually weightless, made of 100% Korean PBT silk. The system calls for the Gossamer to be placed 1mm-2mm away from the root of the natural lash line to allow for growth of the natural lash, prevent damage, and provide comfort. The Lashify Gossamer can be worn for a day, a night, or up to 5 or 7 days with the traditional Whisper Light bond. You can also achieve up to 10 days of wear with Bondage, Lashify’s extra strength bond that is waterproof and steam/heat resistant. No weight or tension is placed on the natural lash due to the Underlash Technology™ not pressing weight on the eyelid or the top of the lashes. Lashify’s bonds are flexible and never fully harden or cure. Lashify’s lashes are made of 100% Korean PBT Silk and are virtually weightless. No harsh lines, no strips on the top of the lid. Nothing but flawless, beautiful, soft lashes.

Lashify Eyelash Extension Control Kit



Staying on Trend

The best part of Lashify? It is totally customizable for every eye shape, size, style preference and even duration of wear. Lashify will always keep you on trend as you can wear simple glam styles throughout the day and change it up by stacking or adding at night. You can wear it for the day, or for a week. You can always update styles for events, photo shoots, film, television, you name it! The beauty is in the creativity to come up with your own lash looks time and time again.

Let’s discuss the versatile, false lashes that are a part of the Lashify system and why they are so innovative and revolutionary in the beauty industry.


Starburst Gossamer Lashes

Meet the newest lash to grace the world of Lashify! The Starburst lash is a very durable and versatile multi-layer, multi-length gossamer. “Inspired by the creative and brilliant minds of makeup artists Marlon Monroe (the master of the Pinching technique) and Wayne Goss (who requested a "starburst Cindy Crawford lash").  And boy do these deliver!”-Lashify.com 2021





Lengths available:


Please note: choose a length up in this Gossamer to achieve the look of your favorite Gossamer length in other styles. The spiked sections of the Gossamer are the true length, while the other sections of the Gossamer are 4mm shorter in length. For example, if you love 16mm Gossamers, select the 18mm Starburst. 

Fiber color:

True black fiber with a slight thickness

Favorite Lash maps with Starbursts:

  • B, D, D, S, S, S (B is our Bold core gossamer, D is our Drama volume gossamer)
  • B, B, B S, S, S
  • D all the way across as your base map, Starburst up a mm length stacked on top.
  • All Starbursts alternate in mm length for an amped up spiky look. Great for concerts, festivals or a night out!

Intimates Gossamer Lash Collection

The Intimates collection consists of four beautiful, natural lashes that mimic and enhance your natural eyelash color. Intimates are great for all genders, hair colors and skin tones. They work wonders on film and photography for that coveted no makeup-makeup look. The barely there lashes have broken ground with the lash game by providing a flawless, slight boost to your natural lashes. 



Lengths available:



Styles available:

‘A’ Amplify: Thinnest fiber with the least amount of curl

‘C’ Curl: Same thickness of the Amplify gossamer with more curl


Fiber colors:

  • Ash- Subtle and sultry
  • Ginger- Sassy and delicious strawberry red hue 
  • Mink- Mid tone brown with a soft red undertone. Don’t be fooled by this name we are a cruelty free lash company.
  • Truffle- A glorious mix of our black and dark brown lash fibers for a softer take on the traditional sleek black.


Favorite Lash maps for Intimates collection:

  • Get 2 gossamer cartridges in varying mm lengths and alternate each lash. For example: Truffle Cs in 10 and 12 mm creating a lash map of T10,T12, T10, T12, T10 for a soft glam that enhances the natural beauty of the eye.
  • Use all one mm length across the whole lash for a barely there look that delivers the perfect amount of fresh faced glam! All Ash gossamers in 10 or 12 mm across the lash line.
  • Create a gorgeous ombre effect by combining 1-3 different styles of the Intimates gossamer. Start with Ash on the inner corner, move to Ginger and then end with a mink or truffle on the end. When the light hits the gossamer fibers you’ll have a multi-hued, show stopping lash map.


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