When it comes to eyelashes there is no such thing as one size fits all. Want to get the best lash look for your eye shape? Think you have a hooded eye? If so you’ve come to the right place.

Do you love wearing false eyelashes but hate guessing on what eyelash will look best for you? Same! I so vividly remember standing in the middle of Sephora along the back wall staring at all the strip eyelash options trying to picture in my mind what lash would give me the look I had envisioned in my head. Then, I would get home, trim them to what I thought was the perfect size for my eye, spend 15 minutes trying to apply them as close as I could to my lashline and once they finally adhered (in a half decent way), I would instantly wish that I had chosen a different style.

If you’re a hooded eye girl like me then welcome to the lash club nobody wants to be in....the “How The Heck Do I Create A Lash Look Using Strip Lashes That Not Only Opens My Eye But Avoids Hitting My Upper Lid At The Same Time Club.”

But I’m going to tell you how right now…. You don’t! Strip lashes can’t be customized. Let’s be honest, they aren’t made with every eye shape in mind. They are made for the masses! However, Lashify is made to be fully customizable to compliment every possible eye shape.

Before we decide which Lashify lash styles will work best for you. Let’s determine if you have a hooded eye shape by answering two easy questions.

1. Do you have a prominent brow bone?
2. Does the skin from your brow bone cover the eyelid?

If you answered “No” to either of these questions then click here to find your eye shape. If you answered “Yes” to this then you most likely have a hooded eye shape. The level of hooding can vary from person to person which may affect which lash look you choose. So let’s dive in even deeper.

1. Does the skin from your brow bone partially cover the eyelid?
2. Does the skin from your brow bone fully cover the eyelid?

If you answered “Yes” to the first question then you have a slightly hooded eye. Here’s my Lash mapping tips for you!

Tip 1:

If your brow bone is only partially covering the eyelid then you want to use a lash style that has a slight curl to help open and widen your eyes! Lashes in the style of “Curl” are a beautiful way to open the eye and accentuate those beautiful eyes of yours!! Here is a great natural lash map that can be made directly from the Lashify Control Kit in the style Curl. 

Tip 2:

Want to create a more open eye look? Try applying the longer lashes in the middle of your eye and having shorter lashes in the corners! This will help give the illusion that you have a wider eye. 

If you answered “Yes” to the second question then you most likely have a heavily hooded eye. Here’s my lash mapping tips for you!!

Tip 1:

Avoid a lash style that has a strong curl! If you have a prominent brow bone with little to no upper eyelid visible too much curl will most likely result in the lash touching your upper brow bone. Stick with lash styles with a softer curl. The Lashify Control Kit in the lash style of A is great for hooded lids!! Avoid wearing styles like E or EE. 

Tip 2:

Want a full lash look but worried that the curl is too strong? Go with Fluffies in a longer length! The longer the lash, the further away from the eye the curl will be. Fluffies give a soft, wispy look with some added volume. Due to the multi-dimensional curl this lash style is perfect for a hooded lid. 

No matter what type of hooded eye you have (slightly hooded or heavily hooded) here is my FAVORITE tip!

TOP PRO TIP: Use the Lashicurl™ to customize your curl!!!!

The Lashicurl is a heated lash curler that has 3 heat settings for all your lash curling needs. It can be used for so many different things.

Use it to add curl to your gossamers while you wear them! Purchased A’s for your hooded lid look but want more curl? Turn your Lashicurl on to the 3rd heat setting. Once the Lashicurl is hot, run it through your gossamers focusing ½ way up the lash and hold for 2-3 second once you’ve reached the tip of the lash. This will give your lash that little boost of curl you were looking for.

Use it to soften the curl of your gossamers while you wear them! Purchased C’s but the curl is too tight and hits your upper brow bone? No problem! Turn your Lashicurl on to the 3rd heat setting. Once it is hot, run the Lashicurl over the top of both your natural and gossamer lashes. This will lessen the curl allowing you to customize it to meet your lash needs!

Bonus tip: After you’ve played around with your lash styles and your Lashicurl and you know exactly what you want, you can curl or soften the curl of the gossamers while they are still in the cartridge!!

6 Perfect Lash Maps for Hooded Eyes

Natural lash maps:
A12, A12, A14, A14, A14, A12

Natural lash maps:
A12, A12, A14, A14, A14, A12

Volume lash maps:
F12, F12, F12, F14, F14, F12

Volume lash maps:
A12, A12, A14, A14, A12, A10
A10, A10, A10, A14, A12, A10

Feeling overwhelmed still? Just remember, less curl and length in the center of your eye is key! The good thing about Lashify is that you can customize and play around until you get the PERFECT look for you with zero damage!! Wearing lashes should be fun and that is why Lashify is the perfect option for you!!

Not too sure if you have a Hooded eye shape? No worries, head over to our blog post on The Best Eyelashes For Any Eye Shape to figure out what shape best describes your eyes.

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