Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 16 November, 2022


It’s that time of year - we’re moving into a new season with cooler temperatures, and with our bodies adapting to the shift, we may experience seasonal or autumnal lash shedding. It happens to me every Fall! This can occur again in the Spring. This is a normal phenomenon for many people. We normally lose about 2-5 lashes per day, and during a lash shedding cycle, we may see an increase in lashes shed for about 6 weeks. If you notice that your lashes are a bit wiggly or they start turning in crazy directions, this could be an indication that you’re going through a lash shedding cycle.

What to do? Not to worry - again, this is normal. The human hair growth cycle has 3 stages: anagen, catagen, and telogen.

Anagen is the active growth phase of the hair cycle. During the catagen stage, hair stops growing. The telogen phase is the resting phase, where the hair becomes completely inactive and eventually sheds to make way for new growth.

Lash Growth Cycle

What we can do during lash shedding season is explore changing up our lash routines! Here are some suggestions:

  • Ensure that you are cleaning your lashes daily to maintain good eye hygiene. I recommend using Pre-Cleanse on a Charcoal Swab to cleanse along your lash line and through your lashes morning and evening.
Instagram Reel - Lashify: How to Clean Your Gossamers
  • Try taking more regular breaks between sets to allow for easy shedding and to give your new lashes some breathing room.
  • Try a different bonding method. For example, if you were using Triple Bondage for the heat, humidity, or water activities during the summer, you may be fine with just a couple layers of Whisper Light Bond™️ for the Fall and Winter.
  • Adding an oil-free lash serum to your beauty routine can help nourish your lashes during the colder months. Some people also use castor oil on their Lashify rest days to keep them from getting dry and brittle with colder, drier weather.
  • Ensure that you are removing your sets gently, by allowing your remover to sit and break down your bonds until the Gossamer lashes start to slide off. You can use either Melt Away or Release to easily remove your bond and Gossamer lashes. Any oil or dual-phase makeup remover will also work!

  Instagram Reels: How to Remove Your Gossamer®️ Lashes

Keeping a balanced lifestyle - regular exercise, a healthy diet, getting sufficient sleep, and staying properly hydrated can help with keeping your hormones balanced and your lash growth cycle normal. Changes in diet, medications, skin/hair care routines, and exposure to allergens are some other factors that can affect your natural lash growth.

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