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As if the Lashify Core Gossamer® lashes couldn’t get any better, in walks the Plus+ Collection to steal our hearts and redefine the meaning of “I woke up like this” lashes! The Plus+ Collection has three styles: A+, B+ and C+. These lash styles are the elevated, longer-lasting version of the Core collection. Think superior, think finer quality! Over six years in the making, Sahara finally found a way to scale the production of these lashes to bring them to you and she couldn’t be more excited! They are the lightest style with the thinnest spine, made to melt into your natural lashes for the perfect base layer or inner corner lash. They’re also the perfect lash for someone with naturally sparse lashes or damaged natural lashes.

The Plus lashes were designed to be a long-lasting lash. When worn for an entire week (or more!), they naturally fall off or disintegrate from the natural lash line due to normal wear and tear. These were not designed for reuse. When you fuse your lashes, the bond built at the base of your natural lash and the Plus lashes will all become one. The thin, flat spine literally melts and forms with your lashes for the most seamless wear of any Lashify Gossamer® lash.


Our Amplify Plus Gossamer® lashes allow for an even more delicate look, with insane longevity. They're so natural - like your lashes but better! The A+ lash has the thinnest fiber and the least amount of curl. Great for those with a hooded lid or to create a tapered wing look, with the lengths gradually going up in size from the inner to outer corner.

A+ Gossamer® Lash

A+ Lash Before and After


Our Bold Plus Gossamer® lashes feature a thicker fiber and a soft curl. It's as if you took a well-formulated high-end mascara and placed two coats on the natural lashes, but without the clumps – AND you get great longevity. It’s a win-win for sure! These are also perfect for a true monolid and for those with naturally very straight eye lashes.

B+ Gossamer® Lash

B+ Lash Before and After


Our Curl Plus Gossamer® lash has thin fibers and a good curl, adding a beautiful lift to the eye with minimal volume. Think of it as a natural lash lift for a beautiful but delicate doll eye. Definitely the most flirtatious lash in the collection!

C+ Gossamer® Lash

C+ Lash Before and After

Remove the Gossamer® Lashes from the Cartridge Carefully

Due to the extremely delicate nature of this specific lash collection, proper removal from the cartridge is key, so that you do not damage your newly purchased set. Make sure to gently remove them with the pads of your fingertips, down towards the spine and base of the cartridge. Pull gently. If they are a bit too tight inside the cartridge to remove carefully, use your Fuse Control® Wand and place it under the black cap of the cartridge to loosen the top off. This will release the pressure holding the lashes in the cartridge, and make it easier to remove the lashes without damage to the spines or fibers. Check out a demonstration of the removal process and a full application of these new lashes from one of our Pro Educators here:


Plus+ Collection™ Lash Maps


Amplify Plus+


Bold Plus+


Curl Plus+

Intimates Plus+ Collection


The Intimates Plus+ Collection™ is available in 3 color options: Ash, Minx and Truffle. The Intimates Plus Gossamer® lashes are designed to mimic the appearance of your natural, naked lashes; they are available in Amplify Plus and Curl Plus. Check out some lash map inspiration below. 










Shop the Plus+ Collection™️ Gossamer® Lashes to create your most natural lash maps! 

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