Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 08 December, 2022


I am so excited to get my hands on the new Lashify LED Control Kit™. It is gorgeous! I think it’s safe to say that there are many Lashify users, like myself, that have been using the DIY lash system for over 2 years now and have had the pleasure of watching it grow and flourish. I’ll never forget my first Control Kit. I was so excited to put them on. Now I continuously get excited to see what’s next. Including the evolution of the Lashify staple, The Control Kit.

What makes this kit so different?

The new LED Control Kit is so luxe and gives me very custom, high-tech vibes. As if you weren’t in control before, now you really have the opportunity to pick and choose everything that you love inside this kit.

It comes in this sleek drawstring bag which makes it great for travel and the perfect gift.

Drawstring Bag

You receive the black gradient Control Kit casing with white foam on the inside.

You also get to pick out your Sapphire Fuse Control™ Wand; a Classic Fuse Control Wand (traditional curve) or the Petit wand which offers a 10% less curve. I just love that there is more than one to choose from to accommodate everyone’s unique eye shape.

You get to select 4 Gossamer® lashes in any style and length that you would like to try. There are 17 styles to choose from ranging in lengths from 8mm all the way up to 22mm. You can choose the traditional black fiber Gossamer® lashes or you can try a hue that matches your hair color or personal preference better; Ash blonde, Ginger, Minx (cool tone brown and just the name of the lash. Lashify is a cruelty-free brand.) Chocolate, Dark Brown, Truffle (mix of black and brown fibers).

The Kit also contains: our traditional bond, the dual-sided Whisper Light™ bond with Micro-flex™; Glass water resistant seal; and Wandoms - silicone coverings for your Fuse Control™ Wand.


Now the star of the show, the LED mirror! This illuminated mirror makes all the difference when applying your lash map. It’s the perfect cross between the LED mirror and The Control Kit. Now you can bring the light on the go, inside the kit. This is super helpful in dimly lit spaces where you may want to apply during travel or just need to touch up a Gossamer® lash. The LED light lasts for about a week with normal use.

The LED Control Kit also comes equipped with a USB-C to USB charging cord (it takes approximately 2-3 hours to fully charge), and a storage box for 9 cartridges of your choice. PRO TIP: Add a few Plus+ collection Gossamer® lashes for the inner corner and your 2 favorite lash maps. This travel case is smaller than the traditional Control Kit box. It is much more manageable for travel -- now you can take your favorite lash combinations with you to your next destination! AND you don't need to worry about applying your lashes in "mood lighting" when you get there.

Storage Case

For the best application tips, follow along with the tutorials on our How-To page.

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