Lash Wardrobe Update - New Year…New Lash Map

Posted by Jill Medicis on 22 January, 2024

Lash Wardrobe Update - New Year…New Lash Map

As the age old saying goes ....”New year, new me.” At Lashify, we support you in your 2024 goals to reinvent yourself, but really we think you’re perfect just the way you are. So, instead of spending money on a gym membership that (if you’re anything like me) will only be used for a month, spend that money on giving your Lashify lash map an UPGRADE

Not sure what to try? Let me be your Lash Stylist and make some recommendations based on what you already are working with. 



If you like AMPLIFY but want to try more VOLUME…..try PLUSHY TAME or TULIP.

The Amplify Gossamer® Lash is a thin-fibered lash with a soft curl. If you are looking for more volume, then Plushy Tame and Tulip are perfect lashes to try. The Plushy Tame lash has a soft curl, similar to the Amplify lash. It’s the perfect lash for someone with a heavily hooded lid or who wants to elongate their eye. Tulip also has a delicate curl, and is great for achieving a natural, wispy lash look.

If you like Amplify, try Plushy Tame or Tulip

If you like BOLD but want to try more VOLUME….try DRAMA OR GEMINI.

The Bold Gossamer® Lash has a slightly thicker lash fiber than our Amplify or Curl lashes. This lash mimics the appearance of a light coat of mascara. If you are looking to add volume, but want a similar lash look, then the Drama or Gemini is the way to go. The Drama lash is like the Bold lash stacked - similar fiber thickness with more lash fibers. The Gemini lash is our thickest-fibered lash, and mimics the appearance of a classic lash extension set. 

If you like Bold, try Drama or Gemini

If you like CURL but want to try more VOLUME…..try PLUSHY, STARDUST, OR FLUFFY.

The Curl Gossamer® lash is a thin-fibered lash that has a strong curl. If you are looking for something with more volume, then there are a few options that you may want to try! The Fluffy lash is a thin-fibered lash with a multi-dimensional curl that provides a soft, wispy lash look. The Plushy lash provides the appearance of stacked Curl lashes, and the Stardust lash is a thin-fibered lash that provides a soft, spiked, starry lash look. 

If you like Curl, try Plushy, Stardust, or Fluffy 


If you like STARDUST but want to try a bolder look….try STARBURST OR EXTREME ICE

Love the Stardust lash, but want something with more drama? Starburst has the same fiber pattern as the Stardust, but with a slightly thicker fiber for a bolder look. Extreme Ice is another great option as it provides a fun spiky lash look. It has thick fibers for spikes with thinner fibers at the base for a soft, defined lash look.  

If you like Stardust, try Starburst or Extreme Ice 

If you like PLUSHY but want to try a bolder look….try  or TULIP THICK.

Love the Plushy but want MORE? Try our brand new Gossamer lash style, E². This lash has more fibers that are slightly thicker for a full, Russian volume lash look. This style contains GripTex™ technology that creates a stronger hold for a longer wear. The Tulip Thick Gossamer lash is another great option as it has a slightly thicker fibers than Plushy, while still remaining soft and full. 

 If you like Plushy, try Extreme² or Tulip Thick


Love your current map and don’t want to commit to a WHOLE new look? Try adding some Cherry Stax™ Gossamer® lashes to your favorite map to mix it up a bit!! The Cherry lashes are the perfect way to accessorize without having to fully commit to a whole new look. 

Cherry STAX™

Didn’t see something that tickled your fancy? Join our Lashify Life Facebook group where we have over 125k real-life Lashify users (we like to call them Lashifiends) who share new lash maps DAILY (even hourly). A great place to find lash inspiration, application tips, education, and more!! 

HAPPY NEW YEAR…let’s make 2024 the year we try something new!!

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