Lash Inspo: If You Like This, Try This...

Posted by GeriLyn Paguia on 21 September, 2023

Lash Inspo: If You Like This, Try This...

The best part about DIY lash extensions is the ability to customize every single lash look! With the Lashify® system, there are 20 styles to choose from, plus different lengths and different colors. So how do you decide what to try next?

You could just go down the Lashify alphabet (Amplify, Bold, Curl, Drama, Extreme, etc.). This is a fun way to get to know the different lash styles without thinking about it too much. This is what I did when I first started using Lashify, and it was so much fun! But if you’re a little bit more particular, read on, I’ve got some suggestions for you to try out!

With the Classic Control Kit®, you get to choose which lash style you start out with - either Amplify, Bold, or Curl, so let’s start here. If you love these styles, but want a little more volume,  try these out:

If you like Amplify, try Plushy Tame

Amplify has thin fibers, has a relaxed curl, and is designed to mimic the look of your natural lashes. The Plushy Tame lash has the same relaxed curl and thin fibers as Amplify, but almost double the amount of fibers, which creates a beautiful soft volume look.

Amplify, Plushy Tame lashes

If you like Bold, try Drama

Bold has slightly thicker fibers than both Amplify and Curl and has a strong curl. This style looks like a light coat of mascara on the natural lashes. It gives definition, but is still natural enough for everyday wear. The fibers on the Drama lash have the same thickness as Bold, but there are more fibers, giving you a bolder mascara look!

Bold, Drama lash

If you like Curl, try Plushy

Curl has the same thin fibers and construction as the Amplify lash, but it has a stronger curl, similar to the Bold lash style. This gives the natural look of a lash lift. The Plushy lash has thin fibers and a curl similar to the Cs, and has a lot more fibers, for an eye-opening, soft volume look. Plushy has become the go-to lash style for just about every occasion - from everyday natural, with a hint of volume, to wedding lash looks, to red carpet sophisticated glam.

Curl, Plushy lashes

On the flip side, if you love these styles, but you want something that looks even more natural, try out the Plus+ Gossamer lash collection, which features an even thinner Spine™ base and finer construction.

Core Collection, Plus+ Collection

Another way to decide what to try next is to recreate some of your favorite traditional lash extension looks or strip lash looks using Lashify Gossamer® lash styles.

Hybrid extension look

If we take a look at this traditional lash extension photo, we see that there’s a concentrated, soft volume at the outer corner, which tapers toward the inner corner, and has a pretty strong curl. One way we can recreate this look is by placing a Core (natural) lash style at the inner corner and mixing it with a Volume lash style for the rest of the map. A B-Bold Gossamer lash in 10mm paired with FX-Fluffy Extreme lash in 12mm is a great way to recreate this look. 

Angel Wet Extension Look

To create an angel wet extension look, we might combine Gossamer lash styles that have different lengths and fiber thickness. SD-Stardust lashes contain varied lengths in thin fibers, F-Fluffy Gossamer lashes add a three dimensional wispiness, and the G-Gemini lashes give the look of interspersed definition.

Anime extension look

The anime lash look has been a huge lash trend, and you can easily mimic this look using Lashify. You need two main components: longer spiky fibers, and a shorter, wispy base. The SD-Stardust lash style is perfect for creating soft spikes, and the P-Plushy lash, which comes in both odd and even lengths, is great to add in shorter lengths to polish the look.

Wispy extension look

There are many ways to create a wispy look. To create this particular look, a mix of EI-Extreme Ice, which has a mix of both thick and thin fibers, as well as multiple fiber lengths, and FX-Fluffy Extreme creates a dramatic wispy look that is great for a romantic evening or a night out!

For more lash inspo, join the Lashify Life Facebook group, where the Lashify community of over 125k customers are sharing their own custom lash looks! 

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