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Whether you want to swap your Gossamers out for a different Lash Map, need to replace them with a fresh set, or you just wish to go all-natural for a while, removing your Lashify extensions is easy peasy.

Posted by Meaghan Droney on 14 April, 2021


We'll be honest with you - if you're wearing eyelash extensions applied by a professional, we recommend having them removed by a professional. As your lash tech has the proper equipment and experience, it's always the safest option. Follow this link to find out more.

However, whether you want to swap your Gossamers out for a different look, need to replace them with a fresh set, or you just wish to go all-natural for a while, removing your Lashify extensions is easy peasy

You can take off your lashes in two ways. 

Lashify Melt Away

 Lashify Melt Away Remover

No tugging. No pulling. No wince-inducing eyelid stretching. 

Melt Away safely melts off the bond and seal so that the Gossamer lashes slide off smoothly. The Melt Away formula does not only keep your natural lashes healthy, it also serves as a multi-purpose eye makeup remover, contains moisturizers, and is gentle enough to use on the delicate skin around the eyes. 

Whenever you’re ready to take off your eyelash extensions, just slide them off with Melt Away. 

Here’s how:

1. Shake the bottle to activate the dual-phase formula.

2. Soak a lint-free cotton pad and gently press it down on your eyelid and lashes.

3. Hold the cotton in place for a few seconds and then slide off the Gossamer lashes. 

Lashify tip: You can also use a clean, disposable mascara spoolie to apply Melt Away on your lashes to remove your Gossamers and any excess bond

Lashify Release

Lashify Release Remover

Up your Lashify removal game with our new Release formula. 

Lashify Release is a gentle bond-dissolving oil formulated with Camellia extract to nourish and protect your natural lashes during the removal process. Release comes in a sleek bottle that you can bring anywhere you go, so you can conveniently take off your eyelash extensions whenever. 

If there’s anything as satisfying as a perfectly applied set of Gossamer lashes, it’s their easy removal in a smooth stroke. 

- With the applicator, coat your Gossamer lashes with Release.

- Wait 25-30 seconds and gently wipe away the Gossamers using a lint-free cotton pad or a soft face cloth. 

Go back to your “natural roots” or prepare for a fresh Lashify look with Release.

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