Posted by Vanessa Quinteros on 11 November, 2022


One of my favorite things about Lashify is that you can customize and create any look you want. Lashify has over 17 lash styles with unique features that you can mix and match. Whether you feel like going soft and natural, full volume glam, or something in between, Lashify has you covered. 

One of my favorite things to do is combine similar styles to customize a specific look. In this article, I want to share one of my favorites: a wispy, dreamy, ethereal lash map. The Sprinkle Dust bundle covers this very description! 

Sprinkle Dust Bundle Lash Look

Gossamer® lashes included:
C12 - Curl Gossamer, 12mm
C14 - Curl Gossamer, 14mm
SD16 - Stardust Gossamer, 16mm
SD18 - Stardust Gossamer, 18mm

 Instagram Reels: How to Apply the Sprinkle Dust Lash Map

Lashify’s Pro Educators curated various bundles to create different looks, taking the guesswork out for you! The Sprinkle Dust Bundle combines 2 styles with the same soft fibers, the Curl Gossamer® lash from the Core collection and the Stardust Gossamer® lash from the volume collection. Although you can place the lashes in the bundle in any order, the lash map above places the longer lashes in Stardust at the arch of the brow. Creating a little drama, but not too much because of the softer fibers. The soft spikes in the center creates a jagged, soft, wispiness that is to die for! You can go makeup free for a soft, effortless, glam look. Or dress it up with smoky liner to be fancy, but not overdone. Definitely brings out the divine, ethereal goddess in you! Here are some other lash maps you can create with this amazing bundle: 

 To elevate your look while keeping it soft, try brick stacking with this open eye lash map. This will create a little more volume at the base, while still keeping it soft and dreamy.

Base Layer: C12, C14, C14, C14, C14, C12 

Stack in the center: SD16, SD18, SD18, SD16

Prefer a winged look? Follow the lash map below to create a gorgeous wing, by gradually going from short to longest. 

C12, C14, SD16, SD16, SD18, SD18

These Bundles are also an amazing gift just in time for the Holidays! Accentuate your natural eye shape and curate your own individualized style. Whatever that means to you.

The possibilities are endless! Mix, create, and have fun with this one of a kind bundle. Don’t forget to follow us on social media, tag us , and share all your beautiful Lashify looks.

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