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Use Eyelash Extensions With Color To Refresh Your Look

Posted by Bridget Reed on 27 October, 2022

Use Eyelash Extensions With Color To Refresh Your Look

For about a decade, it looked like colored lash extensions were permanently relegated to Halloween night or music festivals. Now, everyone from celebrities to runway models to your bestie are sporting pops of color on their lash lines, and we couldn’t be more excited. 

Colored lash extensions can be big and bold or understated and elegant. Whether you add a hint of color or go hard with an electric shade of pink, a colored extension can refresh your look easily and quickly. 

If you’re still on the fence about whether they’re right for you, the team at Lashify® is here to help. We create GossamersⓇ in numerous colors, so you’ve always got the option to go big or go back to black (or brown, or even ginger). We’ll tell you everything you need to know about using colored extensions the right way. 

What Are Colored Eyelash Extensions?

Remember the first time you realized that teal mascara was a thing? Junior High you was so impressed until you realized that the color in the tube didn’t really translate to the same color on your lashes and that it created a big mess. 

Colored eyelash extensions do for your lashes what those colored mascaras tried to do (but failed, horribly). Just like regular eyelash extensions, colored extensions are applied to your natural lashes to enhance volume and length. Instead of traditional black or brown colors, colored eyelashes are available in every color imaginable. 

Which Is Best: Strips, Clusters, or Single Fibers?

When applying any type of eyelash extension at home, you’ve got options. From the classic strip to a cute, colorful cluster, which works best depends on how professional you want your end result to appear and your level of expertise. 

  • Strips. Strip lashes come in a single strip that is applied to your entire upper eyelash line. Strip lashes may use glue, tape, or magnetic eyeliner for application. It takes a lot of practice and skill to make strip lashes look natural. 
  • Clusters. Cluster lashes are just what they sound like; tiny clusters of lashes that you can use to pump up the volume in certain areas or add pops of color in others. Depending on the size of the cluster, you might need a lash line adhesive or individual lash adhesive.
  • Single fibers. The most customizable looks begin with single lashes. These lashes can be applied to individual lash fibers the same way a lash professional applies lash extensions in a salon. 

Because you’re working with individual lashes, you’ll be able to add volume, length, and color to suit your taste, your outfit, or even your mood. 

When you’re ready to play with color, there are numerous ways to get looks you’ll love. 

How To Make Colored Eyelash Extensions Bold

You’re the type of person who says, “If you’re gonna go, go full out.” For you, elevating the drama doesn’t require much, but a bold lash can take your look to the next level. Here’s how to make a colorfully bold statement that complements your eye color. 

For Green Eyes

Green eyes usually have flecks of gold or brown in them. Adding these colors can complement your natural eye color, but adding a full fan of gold can make the gold flecks in your eyes look more intense. 

Violet lashes also complement green eyes and are definitely a color that will stand out and make them pop. When picking your purple, opt for shades that have more red undertone than blue for more drama and to add more depth. 

For Brown Eyes

The most common eye color around the globe gets a boost from colorful lashes. For a completely doe-eyed look, lengthy, pink lashes are the ticket. Pink plays up both golden undertones and deep chocolate undertones in brown eyes, creating an almost doll-like effect.

Green eyelash extensions are also a perfect match for brown eyes. This color is slightly more complimentary, and some shades, like hunter or forest green, can make brown eyes take on an almost navy hue.

For Blue Eyes

Blue eyes practically beg for white lashes. However, white lashes can create a washed-out look if you have a really light skin tone. If you do, opt for silver lashes or add ash gray colored lashes along with white to create an ombre lash effect. 

Reds also look amazing with blue eyes, since they can pull out the blue undertones in the eyes and give them depth. 

Throw Out the Rules

Remember, these are just suggestions. Ultimately, there are no rules when you’re going big and bold. If you love yellow, wear yellow lashes. If you adore orange, a full, fluffy fan of voluminous orange is the perfect addition to your lash bag. 

How To Add Subtle Color

If you aren’t ready to jump into the color pool with both feet, you can definitely start small. Adding color is a big move, but if you add it subtly, the color will be less noticeable than the attention on your eyes themselves. Here’s the how-to.

Go to the Edge

For subtle effects that will also elongate your eye, add a pop of color to the outer edge of your natural lashes, or finish your lash extensions by adding a few single-colored fibers to the outer edge. 

The best part of this method is that you can get all the fun with less commitment. It’s a great way to test-drive colors or even dress up your look for a special occasion or holiday. 


Ombre lashes are easily achievable by layering different colors and lengths at one time. If you want to incorporate color, the lash experts at Lashify recommend using natural-colored Gossamers® to establish a good baseline for your length and volume and then adding a few colored GossamersⓇ to add more volume and create an ombre effect. 

For this to work, try using complementary colors, like brown, ash gray, and black, or ginger and orange. 

Go Monochromatic

Wearing the same color lashes as your eyeliner and/or eyeshadow can give you a monochromatic look that is easy to do and a bit less dramatic than a big row of white lashes. To pull it off, try darker colors of lashes like violet or navy to compliment dark eyeliner and/or eyeshadow. 

To level up this look (and take it a step above subtle), pair your lashes with matching shadows. Blue on blue, plum on plum, or even electric yellow with electric yellow lashes. 

Getting Started

If you’re new to the eyelash extension game, you’re in the right place. At Lashify, we developed a patented DIY Lash Extension™ System so you can get the same, professional-looking lashes you would get at a salon right in your very own home. 

Here’s how it works.

1. Prep

Before you begin, you’ll prep your lashes by removing any makeup or natural oils from your lashes. The best product for the job is Lashify’s Pre Cleanse. This specially formulated cleanser is gentle on your sensitive eye skin and does double duty as a facial cleanser, toner, and exfoliator. 

2. Bond

Lashify’s bonds are made specifically for our Gossamers® and your natural lashes. Our bonds don’t fully cure, allowing your natural lashes flexibility which prevents them from becoming brittle and breaking. 

Using the enclosed spoolie, apply a bond to the underside of your lashes. Because we offer several different bonds, you can access a full tutorial here.

3. Apply Your Gossamers

Using our internationally patented Fuse Control® Wand, place your Gossamers® about 12mm above your waterline, underneath your natural lashes. 

4. Fuse

The Wand helps you fuse the Gossamers® to your natural lashes safely, using the perfect amount of pressure. Be sure to place a Wandom® over your Wand to prevent sticking and help fuse your lashes perfectly. 

If you love shine and want a thicker seal, you can apply Glass, Lashify’s waterproof sealer that also helps refresh your Gossamers® and extend their longevity. 

Why Seal and Bond Is Better

The Lashify method of sealing and bonding works better than traditional DIY lash kits that contain glues and tapes. You know the goopy mess you can make when trying to apply false lashes with those products, not to mention the damage to your natural lashes. 

With bond and seal technology, you get to keep healthy, natural lashes while enhancing the curb appeal as much (or as little) as you like. In addition, you’ll never find any dangerous chemicals (like cyanoacrylates) in our bonds. They’re safe for your natural lashes and for your eyes. 

Color Me Good

Refreshing your look doesn’t take an entirely new makeup wardrobe; you can do it with a single cartridge of colorful GossamersⓇ from Lashify. It’s time to refresh your look. Lashify Prismatic Gossamers® can help you make a bold move. 



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