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by our client: Audrey Dubbayou

Member of Lashify Life since November 2020

Top 3 Favorite products: B Gossamers, Whisper Light, and Bondage

Favorite Bonding Technique: Coat of Whisper light on natural lashes, with a dab of Bondage on the corners of each Gossamer® lash to overlap.

Typically wears lashes for: Daily wear or 2 days max

Audrey Dubbayou

Lash map: B10, B12x3, B14x2, B16x2

I’m a 48 year old woman who just started to wear DIY lash extensions 2 yrs ago. I started with Lashify.

Once I went through the long process of clearing up my skin, I wanted to invest in myself more. I really wanted to wear lashes. I have never ever ever been able to apply lashes. Like NEVER. It has never been from a lack of trying. I would consistently try to apply strip lashes and I would end up throwing everything away after the mess I made. I then began getting lash extensions when they first started to become popular. Back in the 2009 era, a set would cost about $400ish dollars from an upscale studio. I would still pay it, but going in for refills just wasn’t in the cards for me. So lash extensions were very short lived for me. I owned my own business and I was a busy mom to 4 small children. I simply just didn’t have the time to keep going in for refills. Keep in mind that I also keep my nails done every two weeks. So I found myself attempting the strip lashes, or even magnetic lashes, and it just never worked. I was just busy and stressed about it all.

It also doesn’t help that my perspective is shaped due the fact that I am a full time professional photographer here in Chicago, and I know first hand how certain things can change the face for the better. I have small, very hooded, aging eyes. I also have really short lashes. It's always been that way. Even with mascara, my lashes were still short. You could barely see my natural lashes because of how hooded my eyes are! I know that lashes open up your eyes and change your appearance for the better. At work, we often add lashes on people during post production! So I know how they really enhance one's appearance. 

One day, I saw Sahara on Instagram doing a Live. It all looked so interesting, but I was still skeptical about buying them. But it was something about her Lives that kept me coming back. So I decided to purchase a Control Kit because it was something about her voice that resonated with me.

When the kit arrived, I watched one video, and attempted to apply the lashes. SUCCESS!!! On my FIRST TRY! I couldn’t believe it!! Ever since I began wearing Lashify, I am complimented on my appearance at least once every time I go out. It isn’t as if I am doing anything different or magical outside of Lashify Now I know my go to lashes! 

Audrey Dubbayou Lash Map

Lash map: B10, B12x3, B14x2, B16x2

The thing is, lashes give you an instant confidence boost. The high quality of the product is huge. There are levels to lashes. I am someone who bought a LOT and didn’t care about the cost. However the game changer was the EASE of applying Lashify. It changed my life for the better.

Lashify is an instant confidence booster, and regardless of who we are…we ALL need that from time to time!

Audrey Dubbayou

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