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One of the things I love about Lashify is how easy it is to transform a lash look with very little effort. I’m very much a “what’s my mood today?” lash mapper - some days I love super natural lashes, and other days, I’m all about the drama! The Lashify Gossamer® Lash collection has so many styles to choose from, and it makes having a lash wardrobe so much fun. It gives you the ability to create custom lash looks to suit every mood, eye shape, and occasion. 

For most of us it makes sense to have some go-to looks that are great for every day, and ones that serve as your LBD for when you want to turn up. With an infinite number of ways to combine styles, here are some suggestions for taking your looks from day to night. 


Beginner Lash Mapping:

As a new Lashify user, you start with one style (Amplify, Bold, or Curl) and 2 sizes of Gossamer lashes (10mm and 12mm or 12mm and 14mm), based on what you choose in your Control Kit. Can you go from day to night with just your Control Kit? Absolutely!

One of my favorite everyday, natural go-to lash maps is B10, B10, B12, B12, B10. This gives me a light mascara-like look that’s still very natural, but makes me feel put together. With this lash map there would still be plenty of Gossamer lashes left in the Control Kit. One easy way to turn this day look into an evening look would be to stack 2 B12s at the outer corners of each eye. This would add a little bit of volume at the outer corners, creating an effect similar to adding  light shadow and liner!

Beginner Lashes


Intermediate Lash Mapping:

As an intermediate user, you’ve ventured into trying out some new styles, maybe added some other lengths to play with. You’ve probably experimented with some style combinations, have a couple favorites and you’ve tried different ways to stack.

Another one of my favorite natural lash maps is alternating Cs - C12, C14, C12, C14, C12, C14. This is an easy way to create a subtle, wispy dimension that is still super-natural. To turn it into an evening look, try adding styles that contain thicker fibers, like Ds (Drama) and Gs (Gemini).

Try brick stacking D12, G14, G16, G16, D14 onto your base layer to create a flattering shape and hybrid extension look! This multi-dimensional glam lash map will have you feeling yourself. Prepare yourself for a serious selfie sesh!

Intermediate Lashes


Advanced Lash Mapping:

Advanced users are familiar with all the different types of Gossamer lashes, how the different lengths sit on their eyes, and which combinations work best together. They can envision the overall effect of lash maps to create looks for every mood to add to their lash wardrobe.

I sometimes like to wear one style, one size straight across my eye for a very simple lash look. Using A10s all the way across very closely mimics a “my lashes but better” look. My eye shape is almond-shaped and slightly rounded in the center, and with a simple lash map like this, my eye ends up doing all the work, creating an open-eye look that gives the illusion of different lash fiber lengths.


An advanced lash mapper might use interesting Gossamer lash styles to create complex dimension and even alter the shape of the eye for an evening look. Extreme Ice is a unique style that includes fibers of different thickness and length. Adding Extreme Ice would add hybrid volume, as well as spiky and wispy accents.


I would stack an A12, EI12, and 2 EI18s to this base layer of A10s to change the map from a basic open eye look to a dramatic and unique winged look.

Advanced Lashes


 There are an infinite number of ways to go from day to night. No matter where you are in your Lashify journey, from beginner to expert level, creating and falling in love with new lash looks never gets old!

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