Posted by Andrea Aronson on 27 April, 2020



Most CEO’s are faceless, nameless even. Yet, for anyone remotely familiar with the brand, you know that’s not the case at Lashify. Sahara Lotti helms Lashify, the beauty think tank with over 70 patents and 50 trademarks worldwide, and over 100,000 customers around the world. Tune in to any of her Instagram lives on @lashify and you’ll see what I mean.

Lashify’s DNA is directly linked with Lotti herself. She’s unabashed and unapologetic. Just like the Lashify system. Her top-most priority is innovation— she sees holes in a marketplace that is uninspired and seeks to fill them. Not concerned with the monetary, she prefers to bring her customers what they need at attainable prices while still maintaining luxe quality.

Most outsource new product development, Sahara develops everything herself. If it’s not good enough for her, then it’s not put to market. If she personally won’t use it, she’s not going to sell it. On any given day you will find Lotti with giant headphones on, “in the zone” as her employees call it, creating new products, or finding new ways to better the customer experience.

She often jokes to family and staff that she prefers to “talk her to friends all day.” Those friends? Her customers. Lotti knows them by name, by IG handle. If she is not interacting with them via IG Live, she is on the private Lashify Life Facebook group of over 25,000 diehard customers who lovingly dubbed themselves ‘Lashifiends’.

Most companies are created with one end-goal: wealth. Sahara instead sought after success in order to give back. In Lashify’s two years of business, Lotti has donated over $100,000 to animal research as well as animal rescue. In 2019 she signed a check for $85,000 to Road Dogs and Rescue, a non-profit that rehabilitates and rescues dogs with birth defects and illnesses.

And as 2020 brought an unprecedented wave of uncertainty, Lotti donated $10,000 to Australia during the fires. And as we fight through the COVID-19 pandemic today, Lotti has created special codes for international customers whose currency exchange is weak and has offered over 20% off all purchases until the pandemic is over. And in addition to donating PPE face masks, she decided to cover costs for shipping of PPE masks being sent to hospitals and those in need.

Whether in a crisis, or an ordinary day, Sahara consistently uplifts her community— Lashifiends, customers, family, and friends.

It goes without saying, a brand is only as strong as its leader. And Lashify is lucky to have Sahara Lotti at the helm.



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