Chocolate, Brown, Truffle Lashes: Keeping it Neutral

Posted by Vanessa Quinteros on 29 December, 2022

Chocolate, Brown, Truffle Lashes: Keeping it Neutral

Lashes can truly make a difference and even take a few years off! However, for some, dark black lashes can be too bold and overbearing. Those that have fair skin, and lighter hair color, may prefer lighter colored lashes. Or even a brunette with medium to dark skin tone, may be looking for a softer look. Well, good news! Lashify carries many of their beautiful Gossamer® lash styles in softer neutral tones that compliment a vast array of skin tones, hair colors and preferences! Check out the Chocolate, Dark Brown, and Truffle lash colors!

Truffle Fluffy

Lash map: Truffle C10mm, F12mm, F14mmx3, F12mm


Truffle Gossamer® Lashes 

The Truffle color is a combination of black and brown fibers. Truffle Gossamer® lashes are a step away from black; when you want to soften the look just a tad! This works as easily for someone with fair skin, as well as darker skin tones.


Truffle Lash Maps

Chocolate Gossamer® Lashes

While most select black colored lashes, many with a lighter skin complexion, eye and hair color, will prefer a more subtle option. For example if you are fair-skinned and have blond or red hair with naturally light lashes, Chocolate lashes will provide natural looking enhancement. Or if you have blue, green, or brown eyes, Chocolate lashes will enhance the color. 

Chocolate Stardust

Lash map: Chocolate Stardust 12mm, 12mm, 14mm, 14mm, 14mm, 12mm


As a brunette with brown eyes, I can tell you that Chocolate Gossamer® lashes are also a great, more subtle option for darker complexions and hair colors. When I want a strong, bolder look, I definitely go with black. However, for a more subtle, natural look that brings out the color in my brown eyes, it’s all about the Chocolate!  And the beauty of Lashify is that these options are quickly interchangeable. I can choose to go from one look to another in a matter of minutes! 


Chocolate Fluffy

Lash map: Chocolate F8mm, F10mm, FX12mm, FX14x3mm, FX12mm


Now the question is, which Chocolate Gossamer® lash to choose?!? Pick your favorite, or better yet, mix them!



Chocolate & Truffle Gossamer® Lash Style Options

Truffle Gossamer® lashes create a delicious mixture of Chocolate Brown and Black, mixed together to create the look of soft mink. Truffles are available in A and C Intimates, Fluffy, Fluffy FX, Plushy, and Plushy Tame. 


Truffle Gossamer® Lashes

The Chocolate Gossamer® lash brings a rich color haze that is anything but boring! Chocolate is available in Fluffy, Fluffy FX, Stardust, and Starburst.

Chocolate Gossamer® Lashes

Enjoy trying out various styles in these beautiful shades to create different looks or to soften your favorite lash map. The possibilities are endless!

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