Posted by Mikayla Hawkinson on 03 November, 2022

Sometimes when it comes to beauty products I like to have the guesswork taken out. Tell me what’s cute, what’s trending, and what will enhance my features best. Lashify has created some amazing bundles that compliment every eye shape and match any mood or look. Here are 5 Lashify Gossamer® lash Bundles that you have to try! I love that each Bundles gives me a different feel - like an alter ego. It’s like dressing up. That’s the beauty of Lashify, it's so versatile and fun!

Lashify Lash Bundle Looks


High Class Wing

This lash map gives all that big, big energy you are looking for in your beauty routine. Step aside everyone, I am here and I am ready to conquer! This Bundle gives the most ultimate, playful statement that everyone wants in a winged lash map with a more defined, bold fiber thickness. It’s totally giving boss babe vibes for sure!

 High Class Wing Lash Bundle

Shop the High Class Wing Bundle

Gossamer® lashes included:
B10 - Bold Gossamer, 10mm
D12 - Drama Gossamer, 12mm
D14 - Drama Gossamer, 14mm
D16 - Drama Gossamer, 16mm

Sprinkle Dust

This Bundle is made to bring out the ethereal goddess in you! It’s amazing for any eye shape and brings out a softer, wispier side with the thinnest fibers of the Core and Volume Gossamer® lash collections. I think pixie, playful, and eye popping when it comes to this lash map. It also has that super fun “wet look” that everyone is just loving lately. This map definitely feels fancy, yet youthful. I also love wearing this look without makeup for a cute “I woke up like this” feel.


 Sprinkle Dust Lash Bundle

Shop the Sprinkle Dust Bundle

Gossamer® lashes included:
C12 - Curl Gossamer, 12mm
C14 - Curl Gossamer, 14mm
SD16 - Stardust Gossamer, 16mm
SD18 - Stardust Gossamer, 18mm

Fluffy Wing

It’s the ultra-glam, multidimensional winged lash map we all want, without the super heavy fiber thickness. I mean, who doesn’t love a dramatic wing? Right? This Bundle perfectly elongates my eye and makes me feel super flirtatious. I love suggesting this bundle to friends that aren’t sure of what Gossamer® lash to choose because it has Core and Volume styles with 3 different fiber thicknesses - and a good, balanced curl. Warning: You will turn heads with this bundle!


 Fluffy Wing Lash Bundle

Shop the Fluffy Wing Bundle

Gossamer® lashes included:
B12 - Bold Gossamer, 12mm
F12 - Fluffy Gossamer, 12mm
F14 - Fluffy Gossamer, 14mm
E16 - Extreme Gossamer, 16mm

Russian Doll

You cannot tell me a thing when I am wearing this lash map. I don't know what it is about this wispy and dense combination of Gossamer® lashes that makes me feel unstoppable! Great for any eye shape this lash bundle definitely gives fun, flirty vixen meets empowerment vibes. It keeps my eye more open and rounded with a small spike and flair from the Drama Gossamer® lashes. The soft A-Amplify Cores peeking through as the base map is everything. This bundle can be worn for everyday glam and then really takes off when you’re going out at night. It’s the best of both worlds!



Russian Doll Lash Bundle

Shop the Russian Doll Bundle

Gossamer® lashes included:
A10 - Amplify Gossamer, 10mm
A12 - Amplify Gossamer, 12mm
D14 - Drama Gossamer, 14mm
D16 - Drama Gossamer, 16mm


Perfect and Petit

This Bundle is great for my everyday glam look with a little bit of volume right at the base of my lashes. It is great for any eye shape and size, but really looks fabulous on my friends with smaller eyes. It creates definition and makes the eye appear rounder. The result is beautiful and elegant. The medium lift and curl never looks too intense; always just right!


Perfect and Petite Lash Bundle

Shop the Perfect and Petit Bundle

Gossamer® lashes included:
B8 - Bold Gossamer, 8mm
B10 - Bold Gossamer, 10mm
D10 - Drama Gossamer, 10mm
D12 - Drama Gossamer, 12mm

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