With anything worth mastering in life, you can’t get ahead of yourself when learning something new. Like the proverb says, ‘You must learn to crawl before you can walk’. Here at Lashify that couldn’t be more accurate— learning the basics first, starting a bit at a time, will set you up for success.

Let’s Discuss Placement.

When starting the Lashify system, focus on placement. Once placement is mastered, you can literally achieve anything. Always remember the 2 cardinal rules of placement:

1. Never place the Gossamer lash on the waterline
2. Always place the Gossamer about 1mm-2mm above the waterline, so the root of your natural lash is visible

The Waterline.

The waterline is the flesh-colored line of skin between the eyelashes and eye. You want to avoid placing the Gossamer lash on this area for several reasons:

1. The area contains moisture, which will prevent the Gossamer from adhering
2. The area is too close to the cornea, if the Gossamer is applied here you will be able to feel it which will be uncomfortable
3. Gossamer lashes were not designed to be placed on the waterline


You want to leave about 1mm or 2mm of space between the Gossamer and the waterline, allowing for the root of your natural lash to show. This encourages the growth of natural lashes throughout the course of your Lashify wear. By leaving the root exposed the natural lash breathes and grows, thus preventing any stunting of the natural lash.


When applying your Gossamer set, start by placing the first Gossamer a quarter of the way in from the inner corner, approximately where the line of your pupil ends. Continue working your way outward, toward the outer corner of the eye. Since the inner corner is at an angle, leaving it for last helps to apply it easier. This is because you’re following the Gossamer line you already created.